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The benefits of soaking and activating your nuts and seeds, it’s never been so easy!

You have to admit that our lives run at a pretty hectic pace, and it’s getting even faster. Food is usually something we grab on the run and shovel down our throats as quickly as possible. Sometimes, we don’t even have time to chew our food properly. But I’m here to tell you that it’s important to make the time to eat correctly. Without proper digestion there can be no such thing as good nutrition and health. If you don’t take the time now for proper digestion, then later in life you will utilise that time dealing with an array of digestive problems.

Our digestive tracts find it hard to extract the minerals from uncooked grains, nuts and seeds. Cooking or soaking the grains, nuts and seeds releases the toxic substances and nutritional inhibitors including; phytates, tannins, and goitrogens, which bind the minerals and make these nutrients easier for the body to extract and utilise for maximum digestibility. One particular problem with grains, nuts and seeds is that they also contain enzyme inhibitors which can block the action of trypsin and other protein digesting enzymes. This can produce serious gastric distress, with reduced protein digestion causing chronic deficiencies in Amino Acid uptake. Therefore soaking nuts, grains and seeds increases the amount of minerals, vitamins (especially B Vitamins) and protein readily available for absorption. Remember it’s not what you eat; it’s what you digest and absorb. More information can be found throughout my Changing Habits Changing Lives book to purchase click on the book below.


Information and instructions on how to soak and activating your own nuts and seeds can be found on the below website, simply click on the soak your nuts image to take you there:

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