gestation diabetes blood test

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Do you know of any alternatives that can be eaten/drunk before doing the gestation diabetes blood test? The drink that is standard contains a list of preservatives, colours and flavours, that I am not happy about having to take, for a test that is suppose to be in the best interest of my and my baby's health.
Changing Habits Once again I'm appalled but not surprised that they would consider giving you a food that is obviously not real. Firstly why do you have to have the test, is it routine? Secondly could you send me the ingredients for what you have to take and the instructions and then I can let you know what you could take in place.about an hour ago
Michelle The test is a standard test that Dr's do, to test for gestational diabetes, usually performed around 28wks gestation. Im now 34wks, as I have put if off due to being so upset at the thought of having to take the drink prior to having the blood test. Whilst I don’t want to be pig headed and think I know best about everything, it frustrates me at the thought of me avoiding these chemicals through the whole pregnancy, has lead me to a point where I must consume them to do a standard test. I will ring the hospital and get the full ingredient list, when I last rang, she mentioned preservatives, colours, and glucose, but I will get the exact ingredients.

Michelle The test involves drinking a 300ml bottle of glucose drink, the ingredients are: 50g glucose, carbonated water, 330 food acid, 211 and 202 preservatives, colour 143. Then after an hr, you have blood taken. I already know 211 is very nasty, it cause cause cell damage, not something you want to be ingesting when you are pregnant. And then theres 202....           

Changing Habits It looks like sugar alone is what they want you to have. So you could just have 50gms (which is a lot) maple syrup or rapadura sugar add fresh squeezed orange juice (just a touch for taste) and 250ml of carbonated water. Should do the trick. It will be sweet but that is the whole point, they want to shoot your blood sugar up to see what your insulin will do. And if your insulin is working well then it will deal with the one shot of super sweet sugar water.
Just about these standard tests. There are so many for pregnancy including; ultra sounds, gestational diabetes, blood tests for all diseases known to man. It appalls me that pregnancy is seen as a disease rather then a very very natural process that for the most part our bodies can deal with. You obviously are really looking after your health and watching what you eat therefore you are not the run of the mill person. Ask about the imperativeness of the test for someone who eats well. It would be interesting to hear their answer.
Having said that you have to make your own decisions after very careful consideration as to the need of every test.  

I had three pregnancies and after the first blood test and invasive internal I decided I didn’t want anymore to do with the schedule imposed on pregnant women.  So I opted for nothing including not one ultra sound.  I have no pictures of my babies in the womb and I am very happy about it.

After posting this Q and A, I had an email from Mick the pharmacist and this is his story and what he suggests for glucose tolerance tests.

I was recently sent a link to your website from my sister. I love your website and the information available on it.

I had a read over the gestational diabetes blood test posts and replies. I have a few thoughts.

- the gestational diabetes blood glucose tolerance test like all tests is optional. ie. A doctor can not force a pregnant mum to be to have the test.
- like all tests it is tightly standardised. This currently involves having to drink a bright green liquid full of many unwanted ingredients when all the "mum to be" needs is 50g glucose.
- I do not believe (in my humble opinion) that a "mum to be" turning up to the pathology with a self-measured self-prepared concoction would satisfy too many nurses/doctors/pathologists/specialists. This is probably due to the current society that we live and work in with regards to potential litigation and insurance concerns.

With this in mind I present the alternative that my sister used during her three pregnancies (she suffered from gestational diabetes and as a result had to have the test more regularly):
- purchase a product called glucodin from your local pharmacy for a cost of about $6 - ask the pharmacist to accurately measure 50g of glucodin powder, place it into a jar/plastic bottle and label it with an official pharmacy label

I myself am a pharmacist and this is what I did for my sister. The local pathology (dorevitch) were very satisfied with the product as it had an official pharmacy label. Neither myself or my sister contacted the pathology beforehand however as it was an official label it has the pharmacy phone number on it. I provided this service free of charge for my sister. I believe (once again in my humble opinion) that most pharmacists would be happy to do this free of charge provided the glucodin powder was purchased at the pharmacy. The process would take a few minutes and some pharmacists may wish to charge a small dispensing fee. Calling ahead or enquiring a few days before the scheduled appointment would be recommended (don't turn up 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment and expect something slightly out of the ordinary to be done instantly AND don't bring your own concoction and expect the pharmacist to label it and vouch for it AND don't buy the glucodin from the super cheap super busy pharmacy then take it to the quiet pharmacy down the road and expect them to do it for free!!!).



A Note from Cyndi  Glucodin is stated to be 100% glucose, it may be made from wheat and it is not found in nature by itself, but it is better then any other of the products on the market for the glucose tolerance test and I think Mick has a great idea.  Thanks Mick for your imput.  Cyndi

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gestation diabetes blood test

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