Where to Start

‘Where to start’ is one of the most asked questions we receive at Changing Habits and it is not an easy question to answer.  

We are all different... some of us are just commencing on the journey of better health, some have been on this path and want to know more and be more energetic and healthy, while others have been struggling with health issues, food sensitivities and weight gain.  However, most of us don’t want to do things slowly... we usually want a quick fix to our predicament.  It’s the human way. However, the key is to find what works for you right now.  

To assist you with where to start on your health journey, take a few moments to watch my short video as I talk about Changing Habits, explain ‘Where to Start’, provide an overview of our protocols and how to become the healthy person you want to be!

At Changing Habits, we advise a step by step process. If you are starting out on a healthier lifestyle then start with the 21 Step Reset. Once that is mastered, then step on to the Hunter Gatherer Protocol or the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol. But, the lure of the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol is sometimes just too hard to resist, due to fast weight loss.

Some of our customers have commenced our 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol but have found it a little difficult due to the following reasons. A lot of people have been on either many yo yo diets or a SAD (Standard Australian/American Diet) for quite some time, consisting of packaged foods made from artificial and modified ingredients. Therefore, their body has not been ready for the advanced elimination process that occurs with our 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol. Also, we have found that some people can have both emotional and health issues associated with food that really need to be addressed before commencing the elimination protocol.


'Where to Start' Guide

 Have a look at our easy to follow 'Where to Start' Guide and once you have established what program/protocol suits you best, scroll down for more information.

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READ - Changing Habits Changing Lives

My book Changing Habits Changing Lives was first published in 1998, but since updated (latest version 2007). This is where I get most people to start - this book is an education about the food on the supermarket shelf, what they have done to it, what it does to your health and wellbeing and what is the alternative.  This book is not about deprivation, this is about finding a better quality food.  For instance, I don’t say 'don’t eat chocolate' but rather direct you to read the ingredients and make a better selection.  Foods discussed in the book are foods we eat on a regular basis such as bread, breakfast cereals, dairy, spreads, meat, packaged foods etc.  There is also discussions on butter vs margarine, saturated fat vs polyunsaturated, white sugar vs rapadura and so on.  By the end of the book, you will have the information you need in order to make better choices in food for health, for you and your family.  

Changing Habits Changing Lives is a step by step, habit by habit, week by week process of slowly changing your eating habits.  One habit change starts to make a difference; collectively the habit changes ensure better health and energy.  We have an audio of this book that I also recommend. One read of the chapter is not enough to change a life time of habits - it is important to read the chapter, make the change, listen to the chapter, ensure you have made the change correctly and then maintain the change by continually listening to the audio for the rest of the week, until that new habit becomes a part of your subconscious and there will be no going back.  The information in Changing Habits Changing Lives is often very new to many people and it is important that the right changes are made and adhered to.

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Nutritionist Consultations Now Available

Introducing Sheridan Williamson, Changing Habits Consulting Nutritionist

Let Sheridan guide you along your journey to health and become the best version of you!

Consultations are now available via Skype, phone and face-to-face appointments in our office, located at 2/29 Premier Circuit, Warana, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

For an overview of Sheridan and her consulations and fees, click here to view and/or download our information flyer.

For enquiries or bookings, just click below where you can also submit an enquiry/booking form. Our staff will then be in contact with you shortly.  Alternatively, please call our Changing Habits office on 07 5493 7135 and our staff will be able to assist with your enquiries. 


21 Step Reset Program

A healthier you in 21 days

No fad diets, just simple easy to follow steps to a healthier YOU!

The 2 Step Reset creates the foundations of optimal health and vitalistic living. Designed to be the last "start over" you ever do again, this program guides you step-by-step towards a new healthier version of you and provides the education, tools and support for lifelong change.

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Hunter Gatherer Elimination Protocol

Eliminate foods from your diet that may cause health issues now & later in life and lose excess weight at the same time.

In this day and age many people show signs of food intolerances, sensitivities and allergies to real food eaten throughout evolution, especially grains containing gluten and dairy containing lactose and caesin.  It is my belief that many of these allergies, sensitivities and  intolerances stem from eating the food on a consistent basis and the refining and processing done to the food.  For instance many people eat wheat and dairy sometimes six times a day.  In the form of breakfast cereal and milk, tea or coffee and milk, cheese sandwiches as well as pasta’s with white sauce, muffins, crackers and cheese and so on.  It seems at every food store everything offered has either wheat or dairy. Wheat is often manipulated to make additives or even glucose.

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4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol 

This protocol is for people who have been doing the hard yards with their health, have changed their diet from a SAD (Standard Australian/American Diet) to a diet free from additives, flavourings and modified packaged foods.  This is not an easy protocol; it takes time, organisation and discipline, but it is one of the protocols that will take you further than you thought you could go.  
Not only does it help you with any stubborn stored fat, it will also change your body's reaction to Leptin - the master hormone for appetite, fat deposits, sugar cravings, fertility and metabolism.  It is also a protocol to teach you what foods are causing inflammatory processes, which over a period of time, can cause an array of diseases that slowly creep up and cause years of ill health.
If you are wanting to take your health to a level you didn’t know existed, then this protocol will do it.  This protocol is also supported by products from Changing Habits including Homeopathics, All Natural Probiotics, Organic Colloidal Minerals, Supreme Green Blend and Seaweed Salt.

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Healthy Living Club (HLC)

This is the Changing Habits Private Community where people who are going through each of the programs can talk on forums with each other. It is also where I spend my time answering questions.  It is part of the Healthy Living Program as well as the 4 Phase Fat Elimination HCG Protocol (4PFEHCGP).  Or it can be purchased on its own - on a 12 month subscription.  Members have access to blogs from myself as well as monthly invited guests who are experts in their fields; including environmental medical doctors, wholistic skin care specialists, authors and experts on different health issues.  All reports and e-articles on specific health issues are available free to members of the HLC as well as 20% off books, CDs and selected Changing Habits real food products.  It is tremendous value for money as well as a great community to talk to like minded people and enjoy reading and updating your knowledge on health, diet and nutrition and many other subjects related to these three important topics.

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Other Supporting Material

As you progress through the Changing Habits education and programs, you will notice there are other supports such as books including: 


Changing Habits' Food, Glorious Food

The food line at Changing Habits is increasing every year.  Make sure you keep abreast of what foods are available so that we can help you on your health journey and make it easier to access healthy, ethical, wonderful foods.

Click here to see what healthy foods Changing Habits has to offer.

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Changing Habits empowers people to take control of their health and vitality, by providing the tools and information that inspire people to make sustainable changes for long-lasting health and lifestyle benefits.

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