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Iodine in our diet.

Iodine in our diet.

Did you hear that iodine has been added to the bread we buy in Australia earlier this month?  It’s one of a growing list of minerals and vitamins that Food Standards Australia and New Zealand has deemed a necessary addition for our health. You might...
Cyndi’s tips for healthy snacking

Cyndi’s tips for healthy snacking

You need to plan ahead for some of these recipes so you have the right ingredients in your house. Check out your local farmer’s market or fruit shop for fruits in season. Often you can pick up second-grade fruits eg. Strawberries and ripe bananas. Take them...
Something is Fishy

Something is Fishy

We decided to go on a boat tour down toward the Franklin and one of the trip stops was at a fish farm.  The fish were in the ocean but in very large round cages and when we arrived they were being fed by giant booms which sprayed, what seemed to be a part liquid...
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