The Changing Habits team has grown considerably in the last year. It has gone from a home based business up until January 2011 with Cyndi, her husband Howard and a personal assistant and part time packer. At the beginning of 2012 it has seen the office go from 2 team members to 7 as the changing habits brand rapidly increases in popularity.

Meet the Team that supports Cyndi and helps create the Changing Habits Environment! 


Howard O’Meara – Managing Director/General Manager

Yes, this is Cyndi’s husband and general manager of Changing Habits. Howard joined Cyndi in the business a few years back after selling his chiropractic business and was keen to help Cyndi take her vision to the next level.

Howard oversees the business as well as looks after all new product development. Howard spends many hours sourcing quality, ethical products for Changing Habits. Once Cyndi specifies the type of products that she would like to be a part of the Changing Habits product range, Howard is into action and to obtain the highest quality product.

Howard still runs a chiropractic clinic two afternoons a week, however as of next year it will be full time in the business. You normally find Howard in the office in his board shorts and t-shirt and when he has had enough of the computer he’s off for a run or a fitness class to clear his head.

“I always refer to the people I work with as a team not staff, we are all working for the same end goal and I value them all. We are here to produce high quality, ethical real health foods that are in line with Cyndi’s philosophy, anything less than that will not go on our shelves.” 

Karen Passingham – Office Manager/PA

Karen the PA and office manager extraordinaire for Cyndi and Howard joined Changing Habits almost 3 years ago after long time employee Annika decided to travel overseas.  Karen is the steady eddy at Changing Habits, she organises, delegates, controls, calms, relaxes, soothes and is a valuable asset of the team.  If no one knows how to do something in the office, Karen is called to action and has the patience to fix anything.  Everyone needs a Karen in their life and we are very fortunate at Changing Habits to have her.

“I love living the Changing Habits lifestyle and incorporating what I learn here into my husband as well as my 3 children’s lives.  I have learnt so much about my own health challenges and enjoy coming to work every day, it’s such a positive work environment where we all get on so well.”

Sheridan Williamson – Administration/Reception

Sheridan joined the Changing Habits team in April 2012. Sheridan is completing her last year of nutritional studies at University, she has become a great asset to the Changing Habits team. Sheridan shares her position with Jordan and is the friendly voice you will often here if you phone the Changing Habits Office. Sheridan also answers enquiry emails as well as helping out with nutritional questions, assisting Cyndi with nutritional research and answering queries in the healthy living club. Sheridan always has a smile on her face, keeps us all smiling and has a very strong passion for all things healthy.

“There is not a day I wake up and dread going to work! I am surrounded by beautiful people with beautiful hearts, including the team and our glowing, happy customers! We share our passion for the holistic health and wellbeing of individuals, and the desire to spread the word! I learn something new EVERY DAY; the information Cyndi discovers, I discover, a customer shares, or a new healthy treat one of the team brings in, YUM!”

Jordan Pie – Administration/Reception

Jordan is our newest team member who joined us in October 2012. Sheridan and Jordan work closely together sharing the front administration position. As the business grew throughout the year we needed another team member to help with all general enquiries. Jordan is also a nutrition student who studies with Sheridan and shares the same passion and philosophies on nutrition as Cyndi, making her another valued team member for Changing Habits.

Jordan has settled in nicely and if you get to visit the Changing Habits office you will certainly get a warm greeting by Jordan.

“I believe in the products and I love getting other people excited about them too! I’m a care taker, or in other words, I am a nurturer by nature.  I get the warm and fuzzy feeling from giving people what they need and directing them on a pathway to better health and well-being. 

I have the opportunity to learn and gain invaluable knowledge, this job inspires me every day. Changing Habits values and messages makes me proud to be part of the team. And….I am able to laugh every day in my job.”

Ruth Hotson – Events Co-ordinator

With the growth of Changing Habits, it was time to create some new, more specific roles. Ruth joined the team in August 2012 to concentrate on co-ordinating  Cyndi’s somewhat hectic schedule.  Ruth works part time for now and helps co-ordinate Cyndi’s events and seminars as well as look after our wholesalers.

Ruth moved over from the UK earlier this year and is enjoying the Queensland lifestyle. Ruth has been interested in a healthy lifestyle for quite some time now so fitted into the Changing Habits philosophy with ease.

“There are so many reasons I love working at changing habits – The first is the lovely energy we have in the office.  We all work as a team to solve any problems.  The second is how much I learn from being at work.  It can be a mind field out there with so much information available, so it is great to be able to spend time with other like-minded people and discuss books we have been reading, programs/films we have watched and recipes we have found (taste testing is a particular favourite)”

Tony Bowman – Dispatch Co-ordinator

Tony began in July 2012 after seeing Sam off overseas and ready to start University. Tony has quickly sorted out our dispatch department and organised it immaculately. With more products arriving and quickly running out of space, Tony will always seem to re-organise and make everything fit perfectly.

With his attention to detail you can be assured your parcels will be wrapped, packed & dispatched in a timely manner and in the best possible way!

“Working at Changing Habits in a  stress free & fun environment has definitely given me a healthier mindset”

(Lizi was away at the time of photos been taken. This is a shot of her much beloved dog Tilly)

Lizi Hofer – Finance Officer

Lizi began with us in October 2011. Lizi started in administration/reception but as the business grew rapidly we took her accounting expertise and left her in charge of accounts. Being a self-confessed ‘anal bookkeeper’ she takes care of all the accounts for Changing Habits.

Lizi with her great sense of humour loves to remind us all by quoting the godfather “if you ain’t got a bookkeeper, you ain’t got nothin”…. There is never a dull moment with Lizi around!

“Three of my favourite things are; good food, fun happy people and logic puzzles. In this office, those things are just part of my day!”

Anna Kurz-Rogers – Healthy Living Club HCG Coach

After the 4 Phase Fat Elimination HCG Protocol was launched in February 2012, the business rapidly increased and this became and still is our most popular product. With the inclusion of a healthy living club as part of the protocol saw a great demand for support on the protocol.  We quickly realised we needed someone to help and guide our customers through the protocol. This is where Anna came in. Anna has known Cyndi for many, many years. She moved to Tasmania back in 2010, so even though she is not in our office, she is part of the Changing Habits team helping and guiding people through the  HCG protocol as well as our new Hunter Gatherer Protocol.

‘I am so passionate about the 4 Phase Fat HCG Elimination Protocol and our members – to share and walk with them on their journey to discover amazing health and vitality, fills my cup every single day’

OMC Connect – While OMC are a separate business, we feel they are very much a part of the Changing Habits Team. OMC have designed our website and have bought many concepts and ideas for Changing Habits. With their marketing and communication expertise they are very much valued.

They are a great team to be around and will always keep us entertained. For more details about OMC go to 

“We have worked closely with the team at Changing Habits for nearly 4 years. We love the passion and integrity that Cyndi and all of the team have around spreading the Changing Habits message around food, health and wellbeing! Matt our CEO is regularly known to start a sentence with “Well Cyndi says” when talking about food and health! We even have the Rapadura Sugar and Seaweed Salt in the office for all of our staff!”


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