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The health of our soil is intimately connected with the health of everything that surrounds it. The quality of our vegetables is determined by the quality of the soil they grow in. The quality of the meat we eat from the animals that live off the land is determined by the quality of the soil they graze on. So as a result the quality of us is determined by the quality of the food we eat.

Over the years, the overall health of our soil has declined and as a result, some people are choosing to supplement their diet with additional vitamins and minerals because the soil has become deficient in crucial nutrients. If we can improve our soil health we will enhance our overall health too.

Steps you can take to increase your vitamin and mineral intake

Choose organic food

Just like your gut, our soil has its own essential balance of microbes that live in harmony with each other to create a quality soil. The easiest step you can make to improve your health is to eat organic food.

By law, organic farms follow sustainable practices focusing on soil quality. Organic farmers don’t spray their crops and soils with toxic herbicides and pesticides as these are detrimental to not only the soil health but the health of the crops and us too.

Glyphosate is designed to kill microbes, and is the active ingredient in most herbicides. The health of our soil depends on the balance of microbes within it, just like our gut. When the microbes in the soil are disturbed by these chemicals, the balance of the microbial diversity is altered, resulting in a dramatic decrease in the soil health.

Grow your own vegetables

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in ‘backyard gardening’ where people have started ‘voting with their feet’ and growing their own fruit and vegetables. If you’re new to this, there are many resources online or you could have a chat with the staff at your local garden centre. Ensure that you start with a strong foundation, by having a quality soil.

Vegetable garden with assortiment vegetables and cold container


Once you have your vegetable patch, use compost to improve the soil. You can connect with local organic farmers paying a small donation for compost. When the compost is enriched with food waste, grass clippings and leaves, it adds a beautiful array of carbon and nitrogen which are crucial for soil health. It feeds the soil microbes which will increase the health of your soil.

Colloidal Minerals

As mentioned above, our soil has been depleted of minerals due to modern agriculture practices. Cyndi O’Meara, founder of Changing Habits, has been recommending taking colloidal minerals for years in order to provide your body with all the minerals and vitamins it needs. Cyndi personally sourced an Australian, organic preservative free colloidal minerals which is plant derived and is rich in essential minerals, trace elements and nutrients, that are essential for the body to achieve and maintain great health. Click here to view a video on the benefits of Colloidal Minerals.

Colloidal Minerals - 500ml

Food Companies Policies

And lastly, ask the companies you are buying food from, what their policies are on soil quality and climate change. If you’re not satisfied with their policies then find an alternative company that supports soil quality and is willing to address climate change as well.

For more information on soil health and its importance click here.

Remember, your health is determined by the quality of the food you eat, and therefore the quality of the soil. Share this important message and support World Soil Day.

Sheridan Williamson
Changing Habits Nutritionist

Sheridan Austin

I am a qualified holistic Nutritionist and a certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) practitioner. I’ve been working with Cyndi since 2012 and consulting for Changing Habits since late 2014. I have an overwhelming passion to help, inspire, research and do everything possible to assist in providing a better life to those that need it, and particularly for those people that have been told there is nothing they can do about their debilitating symptoms. It is my honour to encourage individuals to believe that they can live their best life possible, and to continue creating the best version of themselves.

Years ago I was addicted to sugar, processed foods, was taking antihistamines like lollies and antibiotics were always a part of my life. I had ongoing gut pain, reoccurring sinus and chest infections, rashes, extreme fatigue, a foggy brain and the list continues. While suffering from these symptoms for almost all my life, not one person told me that there was something I could do to resolve them. After studying and doing my own extensive research, I became fanatical about nutrition and the power of food, and my health is the best it has ever been and will only continue to improve. I am constantly learning and relaying the latest research to my clients. I have a specific interest in gut health and its ability to impact our overall health, and it is with great pleasure that I assist you in becoming the best version of you with real, delicious and nourishing food, love and happiness.

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