We understand that it can be a real challenge to get kids to eat nutritious, real food, and that’s before you start consuming fermented food. Below are a few simple tips to start to introduce these foods into your diet, so they can benefit from the probiotic bacteria.

Tips to encourage children to consume more fermented foods;

  1. ALWAYS add fermented foods to their plate of food. They may not eat them to begin with, although be persistent. Continue to add them to every meal, as they will soon realise that they are actually delicious.
  2. Include fermented foods as part of your family’s normal diet.
  3. Ferment their favorite foods such as jelly, chocolate, smoothies 
  4. Let them know the benefits of consuming fermented foods, as it will help them feel happier, more energised, and sleep better.

10 Foods That Your Kids Will Love 







Culture any juices! It will make them fizzy, less sweet, as well as have a refreshing taste. Many children love apple and ginger juice, and you can call it ‘ginger beer’. Add one cup of kefir to 1-2 litres of apple and ginger juice, and let it ferment in an airtight jar on your bench for 24-48 hours. Place it in the fridge and enjoy.

  1. Make a delicious slow cooked curry (such as chicken or lamb curry) or stew, and then just before serving, add some probiotic rich, homemade coconut yogurt. This must be done once it has cooled just slightly to ensure the good bacterium stays alive.
  2. Probiotic tomato salsa – serve this with a Mexican feast, with paleo sausages as a dipping sauce or with open hamburgers, or with these grain free buns.
  3. Chocolate coconut yogurt – serve with their favourite fruit, or add a little more sweetener if they feel it will help!
  4. Cultured herb sauce – serve over meats, in lettuce cups with their favourite protein, or as a dip with seed crackers or vegetable sticks.
  5. Strawberry coconut yogurt – serve with their favourite fruit or add a little more sweetener if it helps.
  6. Lime and dill cultured cashew dip – Serve it on the side of any meal, with vegetable sticks or seed crackers.
  7. Cultured veggies – serve on the side of any protein, on open burgers, or in lettuce cups with their favourite protein, like this san choy bau. 
  8. Strawberry milkshake
  9. Ice-blocks – this recipe in particular uses coconut water, though switch it with coconut water kefir and add a little sweetener like honey, and the kids will love it.

When you get creative, fermented foods are delicious and I’m sure your kids will love the recipes above.

How have you incorporated fermented foods into your loved one’s diet? What success have you had?

Happy Changing Habits 

Sheridan Williamson

Changing Habits Nutritionist and GAPs practitioner

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Sheridan Austin

I am a qualified holistic Nutritionist and a certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) practitioner. I have an overwhelming passion to help, inspire, research and do everything possible to assist in providing a better life to those that need it, and particularly for those people that have been told there is nothing they can do about their debilitating symptoms. It is my honour to encourage individuals to believe that they can live their best life possible, and to continue creating the best version of themselves.

Years ago I was addicted to sugar, processed foods, was taking antihistamines like lollies and antibiotics were always a part of my life. I had ongoing gut pain, reoccurring sinus and chest infections, rashes, extreme fatigue, a foggy brain and the list continues. While suffering from these symptoms for almost all my life, not one person told me that there was something I could do to resolve them. After studying and doing my own extensive research, I became fanatical about nutrition and the power of food, and my health is the best it has ever been and will only continue to improve. I am constantly learning and relaying the latest research to my clients. I have a specific interest in gut health and its ability to impact our overall health, and it is with great pleasure that I assist you in becoming the best version of you with real, delicious and nourishing food, love and happiness. Find out more at www.sheridanjoy.com
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