Ingredients for business success

Why you?

You realise there is a need for change fast approaching.


Profits are down!

You are aware that you, your team or your staff are becoming lethargic, perhaps overweight, have health issues (especially diabetes, heart, autoimmune disease) and is not only affecting their personal lives but also the performance of the company.

You and your team are aware that the health food arena is gathering massive momentum.

You are becoming aware that you could do better with your products in terms of healthier options.

You realise that some of your products are, in actual fact making you, your families, your consumer and the nation – sicker.

You realise there is a need for change fast approaching.

You just don’t know where to start!

You realise that the food chemists and the dieticians are still producing products deemed ‘healthy’ but are actually chemically based and you simply just don’t know what.

Ingredients aren’t healthy anymore!

‘Healthy’ ingredients?

Have a look at this list of so called ‘healthy’ ingredients: this is by no means an extensive list but will give you a taste (excuse the pun) of what not to do.

Flavour, natural flavour, artificial flavour, natural aroma, natural colour, artificial colour, beta carotene for colour, rosemary extract, yeast extract, soy leghemoglobin, citric acid, xanthum gum, dextrose, curcumin, methylcellulose, cultured dextrose, soy protein concentrate, nature seal, vanillin, polydextrose, modified starch, celery powder, vegetable extracts, herb extracts, synthetic casing, polysorbate 80, maltodextrose, vegetable oil, emulsifiers, thickener 1422, binders, potato starch, zinc oxide, ascorbic acid, folic acid, inulin, modified tapioca starch, food acids, acidity regulator, vegetable gum 412, preservative 202, hydrogenation, interesterification, bt corn, gm soya, gmo, preservative 282, rice bran oil, gm canola oil, grape seed oil, emulsifier 471, maize starch, mixed tocopherols, paprika oleoresin, cheese flavour, spice extract, lactose, vegetable powders, palm olein oil, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, iodised salt, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, porphryrin, corrin, inositol, lactic acid, cotton seed oil.

Confused… you bet!

Why us?

We do have 30 years of experience!


We could use all the buzz words like – respected, experienced, knowledgeable, clinically backed by extensive research, the experts in our field and the list goes on (all true by the way)…

However… we do have 30 years of experience!

We do extensively research all ingredients and are not blinded by science and false foods!

We will tell you the truth!

We can lead you, step by step to better choices for yourself, your team, your family and/or your product.

Is it going to be easy?


Probably not but the soreness of growth and change is so much less expensive that the devastating cost of regret, sickness and ill health!

The words on the label that say ‘Better for you’ should actually mean what they say (and increase your profit margins).

Take the next step and contact us, and bite by bite, together we can make a huge impact. Alone it’s difficult – side by side we can influence the health of a nation.

We are the ethical and trusted authority in the whole food industry.

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