Enriching your diet with natural essential minerals can be easy

Written by Jordan

June 21, 2016

Our concern with whether we receive optimal vitamins and minerals from our food is only a relatively new issue. If we lived in harmony with Mother Nature, the earth and sea, then our food would supply us with all the vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal, healthy bodies.

However since we have severely depleted our soils of these nutrients, polluted our air and waters, and created convenient, processed and refined foods full of toxic residues we have begun to compensate for the empty nutrition that is missing.

Many people have learnt to supplement their diets in other ways, through ‘mineral or vitamin enriched’ supplements, pills, powders, potions or fortified foods. There isn’t a ‘one solution fits all’ because each of us is so unique and individual. Rather than trying to supplement with each individual nutrient or mineral, look for a balanced approach to give you the support that may be missing from your diet. Let’s not forget that REAL, fresh and preferably local and organic foods should be the main source of antioxidants, nutrients, essential fatty acids and minerals.

So I know you’re probably thinking ‘what vitamin or mineral supplement should I take then?’ Granted, it can seem very confusing and somewhat overwhelming at times.

One of the reasons Cyndi sourced the organic Colloidal Minerals for Changing Habits is because many people are truly unaware of how necessary minerals are for our health. Even fewer people know that we need not only the major minerals like phosphorous, calcium, sulfur and potassium, but there are also our trace minerals like selenium, zinc, cadmium, iodine, copper and molybdenum to consider too. 

The Changing Habits Colloidal Minerals are a balanced source of essential and trace minerals as well as other nutrients that are easily assimilated. They are plant derived and cold-extracted, contain no toxic elements and are a potent source. As a result, only small amounts are needed meaning that they are very cost effective.


The thing I love about the colloidal minerals is that they last for months in the fridge, and the Colloidal Minerals are so easy to add to a variety of different foods because of its liquid form. It can be added to juices, smoothies, raw desserts, slices, bliss balls, jelly, dips or other varieties of drinks like nut milks. We have created a few recipes below to give you an understanding on how easy it is to incorporate this food product into many foods.

Over the years, I’ve learnt to listen to my body’s signs and symptoms, and from this I know when it is telling me to take more or less of the colloidal minerals. If I’m feeling lethargic, run-down, getting more cramps than ususal or just generally crappy then I double or triple my dose. However if I’m feeling fantastic and full of energy my body may not need any on that particular day.

In general the path of wellness is one of balance, so mega-dosing and self-diagnosing with vitamin or mineral supplements is not wise (unless you are under the care of a trusted health practitioner who knows what they are doing).

Make sure you learn to trust your intuition, trust your body – its signs and symptoms and then do what feels good to you.

To watch Cyndi’s short 2min video introducing the organic Colloidal Minerals, just click here


Apple and Passionfruit Jelly


Lemon and Ginger Immune Boosting Jelly


Changing Habits Blueberry Smoothie


Inca Inchi and Mango Smoothie


Immune Boosting Coconut and Berry Chia Pudding

Immune Boosting Coconut and Berry Chia Pudding

Cleansing Juice


Flu Fighting Juice



Happy changing habits,

Jordan Pie
Changing Habits Nutritionist

June 2016

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