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Why nightshade foods can be problematic

Did you know that some nightshade foods may actually be causing inflammation in your body! This group of foods baffled me for a long time. How could something natural - like tomatoes or eggplants - that have been around for countless years and which people have not...

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3 Common Dietary Supplements That Aren’t What You Think

Getting all the nutrients your body needs from food alone can be challenging, especially because the soils are becoming more and more depleted of nutrients and minerals. Not to mention nutrients can be difficult to absorb properly if you have gut dysbiosis, if you’re...

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Have you watched Cyndi’s TEDx Talk – What’s With Wheat?

Sometimes when you chat to people about their health, they often say that they can't change because of their genes replying 'My Mum’s overweight, so that’s why I’m heavy too, it’s in my genes’ or ‘My dad had a heart attack at 45, so now I’m prone to heart disease...

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Why We All Need Vitamin C and How to Source it Naturally

Vitamin C is so important for our health and well-being, that it's actually critical to supply your body with it on a daily basis. As humans, we lack the functional enzyme to complete the synthesis of Vitamin C itself, so it must be supplied from exogenous sources...

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What is Biofilm and How Can it Affect the Health of My Gut?

Biofilm is exactly what it sounds like – it’s basically a sticky film. I like to think of it as a bomb shelter for yeast, parasites and bacteria to hide under so they can survive even the strongest antibiotics and anti-fungals (natural or medications) that would...

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What is Gut Dysbiosis & Leaky Gut?

Have you heard the joke about the fight between the different parts of the body? One day they were arguing over whose role was the most important. The heart said it was the most important because it was beating to keep the body going. The head said it was the most...

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12 Foods That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Acne and other skin conditions can really affect a person’s confidence, especially when you don’t know what could be causing it. There are several factors that can contribute to skin issues such as; stress, the food you consume or don’t consume, pollution, mould and/...

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Nutritional Traditions – Are We Losing Them?

The rich cultural tradition of food and most importantly the concept of using basic nutrition principles to raise our children, is something I am so passionate about. I believe that over the years, we as a society have done everything we can to complicate the issue...

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4 Easy Tips to Make Meal Prep More Effortless

Life seems to be getting faster these days and finding the time to prepare and cook healthy meals or snacks can be a challenge. You might find yourself saying, ‘I’m too busy to eat healthy food, it’s just too much effort’ or even ‘I don’t want to prepare and cook that...

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10 Fermented Food Recipes That Your Kids Will Love

We understand that it can be a real challenge to get kids to eat nutritious, real food, and that's before you start consuming fermented food. Below are a few simple tips to start to introduce these foods into your diet, so they can benefit from the probiotic bacteria....

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12 Beautiful Foods to Eat on a Plant Based Diet

One of the biggest benefits of consuming a plant based diet is that it's rich in anti-inflammatory foods. Anti-inflammatory foods help to promote longevity, regulate the immune system, contain high amounts of fibre which feeds the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal...

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Stop Masking Your Symptoms And Start Listening To Them

Do you have frequent pains in your body, such as headaches, aches and pains, hay fever, fatigue, anxiety, skin rashes and inflammation? What if these pains and symptoms in your body, were actually a way for your body to communicate with you. It has been ingrained...

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7 Common Reasons You Could Be Getting Headaches

Although there are over 150 different types of headaches, there are three types of headaches that are the most common; tension, migraine and sinus headaches. Tension headaches; are the most common type of headache out of the three. Roughly 7 million Australians are...

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5 Tips For Preparing Your Body For Pregnancy

If you and your partner are wanting to have children, there are many steps that both of you can take to ensure your bodies are in optimal health to prepare for pregnancy. The environment of both parents during pre-conception can lead to changes in gene expression...

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How to Help Prevent Heart Disease

In Australia, Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) claims over 45 000 lives per year, and one Australian dies every 12 minutes. Sadly, it’s the single leading cause of death in Australia. However, modern medicine has developed a myriad of means to help people survive CHD with...

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9 Healthy Eating Habits to Keep You Satisfied & Energized

If you struggle with healthy eating, you are not alone. It’s way too tempting to buy a pastry at your favorite cafe to compliment your coffee, or to pick up a chocolate bar on the way out of the pharmacy. And besides, who has time to eat a balanced meal these days?...

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4 Nutrition Tips for Enhancing Exercise Performance

All levels of exercise will vary with each person and therefore, nutrient requirements will also vary. However, within this article I will point out some main points to consider to enhance your health and performance. There are many sports gels, protein powders,...

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Optimal Zinc Levels May Change Your Life

I wish I discovered my zinc deficiency earlier, as it made that much of a difference to my life. After a lot of healing many years ago, my health improved, however after I discovered zinc, everything got a whole lot better. My concentration increased, I became even...

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How To Improve The Health Of Your Kidneys

Our kidneys play a major role in maintaining our general health and well-being. Most people are born with 2 bean shaped kidneys about the size of an adult fist, weighing around 150 grams each. Our kidneys are located just below the rib cage on either side of the spine...

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10 Foods To Eat for a Healthy Pancreas

Many people have never even given this precious spongy tube-shaped organ a second thought. The pancreas lies in the abdominal cavity behind the stomach and plays a very important role in your digestion. The pancreas has 2 main roles in the body, an exocrine function...

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7 Natural Food Remedies for Anxiety

As our lives get faster, some people struggle to get through an average day as it leaves them feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Our everyday life can be filled with anxiety provoking events. Whether it’s an exam, a work deadline, perhaps you’re running late for work,...

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