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Prevention… The Key to Wellness

Scientifically developed herbal formulas to help prevent widespread diseases

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Perfect for when:


  • You are starting to notice you or a loved one has a few health issues

  • You are worried about your family history of disease

  • You are concerned about high cholesterol and possible heart disease

  • You are wanting to prevent disease and health issues from occuring

  • You are wanting a better quality of life.

The Changing Habits scientifically developed ‘Herbal Formulas’ range of Inflammation Ease and Heart Health could be just what you are looking for!

You can…


  • Become healthier, living a longer quality of life

  • Help to prevent inflammation within your body, which can lead to lifestyle disease

  • Take a natural approach to disease prevention

  • Be confident in using scientifically developed products to improve and maintain a healthy life

Prevention is the KEY.
It’s time to create the optimal health you’ve always desired by starting TODAY to insure your health for the future.

What makes the Changing Habits natural herbal formulas range so effective?

Scientists from Sanoosa Pty Ltd research the disease pathway using current scientific literature to work out the disease target. Using specially designed computational methods, the molecules (active ingredients) inhibiting a disease target are highlighted. A list of herbs containing these molecules is then produced.

The properties of each herb are then investigated for their benefits, interactions and any possible side effects.

From here, a suitable formula of herbs is created that contains the required molecules to help inhibit the specific disease target. These molecules are all available in nature and with this scientific understanding and knowledge, we can utilise nature to create a product that helps to prevent disease.

Each of the herbs included in our ‘Herbal Formulas’ range contain the molecules that directly inhibit the disease targets.

SPECIAL… Purchase 2 Herb Packs and save $9.97

Price will automatically adjust at checkout – can be combination of Heart Health and Inflammation Ease Herbs)

Heart Health Herbs

Are you…

  • Wanting to prevent heart disease?

  • Worried about your family history of heart disease?

  • Concerned you don’t want to take medications long term?

  • Looking for an alternative?

Heart Health Herbs provides you with:

  • Ability to prevent heart disease

  • Balancing your cholesterol levels within your body

  • Maintaining a quality of life.

  • 20 %
    Save $5.99

    Heart Health 60g

    Earn 23 Reward Points
    $29.97 $23.98
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Inflammation Ease Herbs

Are you…

  • Having aches and pains in your body?

  • Wanting to prevent inflammation symptoms in your body?

  • Worried about your family health history?

  • Concerned you don’t want to take medications long term?

  • Looking for an alternative?

Inflammation Ease Herbs provides you with:

  • Ability to prevent inflammation symptoms in your body

  • Maintaining a healthy body and quality of life.

  • 20 %
    Save $5.99

    Inflammation Ease 60g

    Earn 23 Reward Points
    $29.97 $23.98
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Sanoosa – Healthier, Longer Living

Sanoosa Pty Ltd use their unique computational methods to discover and design active ingredients for the development of more efficient and affordable health care.  Their goal is to contribute to the necessary change in how health care is discovered and developed, focusing on disease prevention. Associate Professor Herbert Treutlein and Dr Wolfgang Kissel both have on 20 years’ experience in the industry.

More information on Sanoosa can be found at

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