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Mango LassiBy TessaLooking for a nutritious and refreshing drink this summer? Look no further...this delicious Mango Lassi will be sure to satisfy!⁠
Iced Green TeaBy TessaAll the goodness of green tea in a refreshing, cool drink, perfect for a hot summer's day.
Liver Loving Morning JuiceBy SheridanA beautifully refreshing, cleansing, colourful juice that is the perfect start to any morning - however hectic!
Cleansing Green JuiceBy JordanA refreshing, zingy, cleansing green juice that's so simple to put together - perfect for when you have a hectic morning!
Low Carb Green SmoothieBy SheridanWe share our favourite low carb green smoothy recipe. It's packed with sneaky veggies, gut loving probiotics and good quality fats and proteins to give you longer lasting energy.
Low Carb Blueberry SmoothieBy JordanBlending your Changing Habits supplements and minerals with fruit is a great way to get your daily goodness.
Strawberry MilkshakeBy JordanA beautiful supercharged strawberry milk that can be made in less than 5 minutes. This recipe is a great way to sneak in the Changing Habits Camu Camu Powder (natural Vit C), Probiotic Powder and the Colloidal Minerals.
Choc Chai LatteBy JordanIf you're not into coffee, yet want something as equally delicious, if not more - try this gorgeous recipe that infuses chai tea into coconut milk to give it a beautiful depth of flavour. We also add gelatin to this recipe so you can get all the health benefits from it + that's what makes this drink creamy and frothy when blended.
Mint & Lime Green SmoothyBy JordanSmoothies are a great way to get more greens into your diet, they are a quick and easy breakfast or snack option and can be made the night before so you don't have to rush as much in the morning or stress about what to eat while trying to run out the door.
Chicken & Lamb Broth with Garlic & HerbsBy JordanBroth is a must have staple in any kitchen, it can be used as the base for soups, stews, curry's, gravies and sauces + you can poach meat or eggs in it, cook your veggies in it and even drink it straight from a mug, just be sure to season it with salt, pepper, turmeric and lemon juice to boost the flavour and add extra nutrition to it.
Coconut Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon MarshmallowsBy JordanLooking for a healthy alternative to those processed pre-made powder hot chocolate mixes? Then you will love this, it's such a treat! Its completely made from wholefoods and is absolutely delicious!
Easy Almond MilkBy JordanIf you are dairy-free (by choice or necessity), making your own almond milk is a great way to save money and avoid the nasty ingredients that are added to most store bought almond milk versions. As a bonus, it will taste better, its super fresh and you can use the leftover almond pulp to make almond flour (just dehydrate it) or for use in recipes like pancakes, cookies, bliss balls, smoothies, chia puddings and more.
Immunity Boosting Carrot,Turmeric & Ginger ShotsBy JordanAll the ingredients used in this juice will boost the immune system. We love adding turmeric to sweet or savoury dishes and even juices as the curcumin componenet which is found in turmeric is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, detoxifying and amazing for digestive health.
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