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Australian HCG Recipe Book – E-Book


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If you are on the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol, this recipe book by Elle Milaras is going to make your meals and way of eating so much more enjoyable! Get the latest version which includes some additional ingredients to add to recipes for Phase 4 / Maintenance Phase of the protocol

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Elle Milaras, author of Australian HCG Recipe book started her own journey on the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol early in 2012. Elle went in search for more recipe ideas with multicultural flavours in mind.

With her Mediterranean heritage and growing up eating familiar foods from this culture, she has gathered ideas from family favourite recipes and a collection of recipes, found loose and scattered given to her by friends. From the many people who enthusiastically gave their ideas, professional advise and suggestions. This allowed her to view her ideas in a different perspective.

Inspired by Australia’s unique qualities, from the sea that surrounds it and the abundant seafood that it offers, to the Red Centre and the delicacies of its Native Bush Spice, toward the northern tropical region and its exotic ingredients, the southern and regional areas of Australia that supply fresh prime produce and the multicultural communities, which influence Australian cuisine. With all of these influences, they have inspired Elle to write the many recipes in the Australian HCG Diet Recipes book, which she aspires for you to enjoy.

The recipes and tips found in The Australian HCG Diet Recipe book are in relation to Phase 2, the Core Phase. The latest version also shares some additional ingredients when you enter Phase 4/Maintenance Phase.  Not only is there fabulous recipes, Elle also shares her own experience on the protocol, how to organise your pantry and even some fabulous skincare ideas and pampering whilst on the protocol and beyond.

Most of the recipe ingredients found in this book is complimentary to the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol allowed foods list. Additional foods have been incorporated to compliment the recipes in the Australian HCG Diet Recipe book. These ingredients include: Australian Native Bush Spice. The Super Food, Crio Bru, made from the cocoa bean. Slim pasta (Angel Hair) made from the Konjac (plant).

Elle has strived to create a menu that is wholesome, flavoursome, easy and enjoyable with a multicultural flavour.  You are encouraged to experiment with herbs and spices, remember there is no right or wrong when experimenting with flavour. Experiment with ingredients from the free foods in the pantry, perhaps you’ve never tried before. Arrange recipes to suit your tastes and needs, making the recipes your own.


When I did the 4 Phase Fat Elimination HCG Protocol, I had a very bland 3 weeks of eating in Phase 2 and 3.  In fact I had about 3 dishes that I just rotated.  While I did look for some good recipes, many of them used ingredients that I was not especially happy with.  To finally see a recipe book for Phase 2 of the HCG Protocol/diet and one with excellent ideas, amazing tastes, and simple recipes makes me very excited for anybody doing the HCG protocol.  This is a revolution in eating that you don’t want to stop, especially with these beautiful salubrious recipes.  Elle Milaras has created a cook book that will keep your taste buds intrigued and interested throughout the HCG protocol.  Thanks Elle for creating this wonderful, beautifully compiled book with many extras and information.
Cyndi O’Meara
Nutritionist and Author – 4 Phase Fat Elimination HCG Protocol

“The ingredients specified in this diet perhaps remind me most of those encompassed in a typical Mediterranean diet, the health benefits of which have been well established. I was initially sceptical that the limited ingredients set down in this diet could result in a meal that was either filling or tasty but after sampling several of Elle’s meals from this book I was left astonished.  These recipes result in some really delicious and satisfying meals.  Thanks Elle for preparing this collection of simply divine recipes!”
Dr Jason Sly