Twenty8 Rosa Damascena Flower Water 50ml


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Come up smelling of roses! Use this versatile Rosa Damascena Flower Water as a facial skin toner, skin soothing spray and also as an air freshener that will help cool and hydrate, clear the air and increase focus and mindfulness. The Rosa Damascena Flower Water is produced exclusively using organic Bulgarian roses to make a highly fragrant rose water. And it smells DEVINE!

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Twenty8 has a primal and significant meaning – it takes 28 days to create a habit; we are governed by 28-day cycles including the moon and tides; a woman’s cycle is around 28 days and it takes skin cells 28 days to rejuvenate. These natural rhythms align perfectly with Twenty8’s natural organic botanical ingredients, including essential oils and chemical-free skincare products.

Kim Morrison, the founder of Twenty8, is inspired by her love of educating people on the use of essential oils and chemical-free beauty products. She wanted to create a skincare range with a strong focus on the unique qualities and benefits of essential oils.

Twenty8 uses therapeutic-grade, botanical ingredients to enhance efficacy and performance. They work on a deep cellular and psychological level, combining the power of science and the beauty of nature.

Making their products in small batches, Twenty8 has a deep respect for sustainability, recycling and the long-term health of our planet. They refuse to accept ANY harmful, toxic and questionable ingredients. Twenty8 makes luxurious skincare easy, affordable, fun and beautiful!



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