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March to June 2018 – SA | VIC | NSW | QLD

2 Hour Evening Talks

After two years of spreading the ‘real food’ message overseas, Cyndi is once again touring around Australia. As we’re exposed to more and more information on what we should and shouldn’t eat, knowing what is best for our health is becoming harder and harder. Cyndi will share her knowledge in her simple, down to earth way, giving you the information you need to become the healthiest version of you.

Cyndi has been a nutritionist for over 30 years and during this tour, she looks forward to sharing her common sense approach towards food and debunking some food myths.

Cyndi will explore health from an anthropological perspective and provide simple steps to help identify which foods are perfect for your individual body.

During her 2 hour evening talks, Cyndi will cover topics including:

  • What is happening to our health

  • What to do about an autoimmune disease

  • What we should be eating now

  • Who we should be listening to when it comes to our health

  • How to become inspirational leaders in our community

  • Those wanting to know how to use food to improve their health

  • People who don’t know where to start

  • Those wanting to know how to make a difference in their community

  • People confused about which eating plan is right for them

“I really enjoyed the event and I walked away refreshed and energized to continue on with my health journey.

The biggest thing I walked away with was what number out of ten I want to feel. I’ve never thought of that before.”

Attendee, Melbourne

Ready to be inspired? Book now!

This year, Cyndi will be travelling to South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland… as much as Cyndi would like to visit every state, unfortunately due to other commitments, these locations are all she is able to fit in at this stage.  Cyndi is looking forward to seeing you soon!

Click on the buttons below to book a town near you.

  • Adelaide
    Sunday 18 March – 6-8pm

  • Mount Gambier
    Wednesday 21 March – 6-8pm

  • Albury-Wodonga
    Tuesday 10 April – 6-8pm

  • Bairnsdale
    Friday 6 April – 6-8pm

  • Bendigo
    Tuesday 27 March – 6-8pm

  • Geelong
    Monday 26 March – 7-9pm

  • Gisborne
    Wednesday 28 March – 6-8pm

  • Sale
    Wednesday 4 April – 6-8pm

  • Warrnambool
    Thursday 22 March – 7.30-9.30pm

  • Wonthaggi
    Tuesday 3 April – 6-8pm

  • Albury-Wondonga
    Tuesday 10 April – 6-8pm

  • Batemans Bay
    Thursday 3 May – 6-8pm

  • Dubbo
    Saturday 12 May – 3-5pm

  • Leeton
    Tuesday 15 May – 6-8pm

  • Lismore
    Tuesday 5 June – 6-8pm

  • Newcastle
    Thursday 10 May – 6-8pm

  • Penrith
    Tuesday 8 May – 7-9pm

  • Sutherland
    Monday 7 May – 7-9pm

  • Young
    Wednesday 16 May – 6-8pm

  • Bundaberg
    Tuesday 12 June – 6-8pm

  • Gympie
    Monday 11 June – 6-8pm

  • Southport
    Monday 4 June – 7-9pm

  • Stanthorpe
    Wednesday 6 June – 6-8pm

  • Toowoomba
    Thursday 7 June – 6-8pm

  • Townsville
    Tuesday 19 June – 6-8pm

  • Cairns
    Thursday 21 June – 6-8pm

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