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Chocolate Coated Date & Coconut Energy Balls

Yields1 ServingPrep Time10 minsCook Time15 minsTotal Time25 mins

By adding the Changing Habits Rapadura Sugar to the chocolate coating mix, it won't dissolve properly, so when these energy balls set/ harden it provides a beautiful crunchy texture.

 2 cups walnuts (or other seed/ nut of choice)
 1 cup shredded coconut
 A pinch of Changing Habits Seaweed Salt
 2 cups Changing Habits Dates
 1 tsp vanilla essence or powder
 1 tsp Changing Habits Ceylon Cinnamon
 1-2 tbsp coconut oil
 Optional Add Ins: 1 tsp Changing Habits Camu Camu Powder, 1-2 tsp Changing Habits Probiotics
 Optional Choc Textured Topping Ingredients (1/2 cup Changing Habits Cacao Melts, 1-2 Tbsp coconut oil, 1-2 Tbsp Changing Habits Rapadura Sugar, a pinch of Changing Habits Seaweed Salt

Add all the date and coconut ball ingredients together into a food processor or thermomix and blitz together until broken down. You should be able to roll the mixture into balls easily. If the mixture is too dry add a touch more coconut oil and blitz again or use filtered water until you reach your desired consistency.


Roll the mixture into balls and place them onto a baking tray evenly spaced out. Place this tray into the freezer for 15-20 minutes.


If you're choosing to create the textured choc topping add all the ingredients to a small saucepan and melt on a low heat until combined, pour this mix into a small cup.


Now grab the tray from the freezer. Place a skewer into one of the frozen balls and use it so it can be easily dipped into the chocolate sauce mixture.


Place the ball back onto the tray and repeat this process for the rest of the balls. If you still have chocolate mix left over you can double dip some of them.


Place them back in the fridge to set (if needed).


Store in an air tight container or in the freezer.