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Cultured Berry & Beet Juice

Yields1 Serving

When you culture juices that are naturally high in sugar (think carrots, pineapple, apple, beetroot etc), the added culture eats the sugar contained and after time it cultures, or ferments the juice into a beautiful, refreshing drink that is teaming with beneficial bacteria. This drink will boost your immune system and begin to feed the good bacteria in the gut.

 1 organic beetroot, diced
 0.50 cup mixed organic berries
 1 organic carrot, diced
 1 cup Kultured Wellness coconut water kefir

Juice the carrots and beetroot and collect the juice.


Add the veggie juice, berries and kefir to a clean glass jar and allow to ferment for 24-48 hours (the time will depend on the weather). Taste after 24 hours and if you think it needs longer continue fermenting.


When it's ready, pour through a fine mesh sieve and collect the juice.


Pour into 2 glasses and serve with ice. Enjoy!

Note: you can use the leftover cultured berries in chia puddings, add to smoothies or simply serve with this <a href=