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Iodine Rich Sweet Potato Mash

Yields1 Serving

Not only will this sweet potato mash treat your audience to a delicious, creamy and sweet side to their meal, it will provide them with an array of nutrients to nourish their body and give them energy. In case you're wondering, it is the dulse that will provide you the iodine, along with phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, potassium and zinc. They won't even know the dulse is in amongst the mix!

 800g organic sweet potato, peeled and chopped
 1 heaped Tbsp. butter or ghee
 1 tbsp of Changing Habits Dulse
 1-2 tsp of Changing Habits Seaweed Salt
 Freshly ground pepper to taste

Boil or steam the sweet potato until soft.


Strain out the water and add the remaining ingredients.


Mash or blend the mix until smooth, serve hot and enjoy.