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Summer Mango Splice

Yields1 Serving

Summer is almost here and mangos are finally in season yum. There is nothing yummier than combining 2 delicious tastes of summer: Mango and coconut combined with a hint of macadamias. This would have to be one of my all-time favourite combinations in an ice-cream but this recipe comes with no added refined sugars and made straight from the real thing! These are so quick and easy you can whip up a batch and enjoy them an hour later after they have set.

 Approx 2 mangos depending on size ( we used medium sized mangos)
 1 cup coconut cream
 2 tbsp maple syrup or honey (optional if you like it sweeter)
 1/2 cup macadamias

Blend coconut cream, macadamias and chosen sweetner together until smooth


Put mixture into a jug or container and set aside


Peel and cut up mango flesh and blend until smooth


Pour mixture into moulds. If you are after the laying effect like in in the picture you will need to pour some of the mixture into the moulds and pop into freezer to set a little before adding another layer. Or you can combine both mixtures and put them into moulds for a quicker option


Once the moulds are full, put in the wooden stick and pop them back into the freezer to set.


This mixture made about 6 ice blocks. It will depend on the size of your moulds to how many ice-blocks you will make. You could always double or triple the mixture to make a bigger batch for more iceblocks YUM!

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