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At Changing Habits our aim is to educate and feed the world to achieve better health, so the more voices we can add to our growing community the better! If you would like to write for us to motivate, inspire and share your expertise, have a read of these need-to-knows:

Keeping with the Changing Habit’s Philosophy

We all have something unique to bring to the table, but if the content does not align with our real food, vitalistic living philosophy, this may not be the space for you! Please also keep in mind that we are all individuals and what works for one may not work for all. We also promote kindness and mindfulness, so will not tolerate aggressive or harsh language.

You can read through some of our published blogs for more insight.

Original Content 

We prefer to use unique content that has not been previously published elsewhere.

Back-links & Guest Blogging Etiquette

As mentioned above, our aim at Changing Habits is to educate and inspire people to achieve better health. SEO motivated content will not be tolerated. If you are writing content for the sole purpose of promoting your brand or products and litter the post with backlinks, it will not be accepted. Your bio is the place to link to your social media platforms, website and tell our audience what you’re all about.

Sourcing and Referencing

You will need to include studies if making a direct health claim or referring to statistics. Please also ensure that you include references from credible sources to back these claims.

Word Count 

Aim for a medium length article between 600 to 1250 words. If you would like to write a longer article, it should be heavily researched, referenced and on a topic people are searching for. Alternatively, you can break up a longer article into a series.

Proofing and Editing

Although we will perform the final edit, we cannot re-write your piece, so please be diligent before submitting your article. You may want to ask someone to proof read it for you to make sure your spelling, grammar and formatting is correct.

Review Process

We are a small but mighty team at Changing Habits and we take care to review all content thoroughly. Please allow us 14 days to respond if your submission has been approved. We appreciate your patience and ask that you do not follow up prior to then. If you don’t hear from us, we unfortunately have decided that the piece is not right for our audience. After the 14 day review period, we welcome you to submit a new article.

Bio Requirements

Your bio is where you can tell our audience what you do, what motivates you and what your hopes and objectives are. Along with your blog article, please submit a brief bio (150 words max), profile image and links to your website/blog and social media pages.

Terms & Conditions

As a contributor to Changing Habits you accept our terms and conditions and any changes our editors see necessary before your piece is published.

Submission & Document Requirements

To submit your blog for consideration, you will first need to register for an author account or login if you’ve already registered. Please note, if you already hold an account with us as a customer, you will need to sign up with a different email address or contact us so we can update your account to author status. Once logged in you will automatically be directed to your ‘Dashboard’ where you can see all your posts and author info. From here, simply click the ‘Submit a Blog Post’ button and use the form to submit your work. As mentioned above, we do perform a final edit but expect your spelling, grammar and formatting to be correct, proof read and edited before submission. Failure to do so may affect the assessment process.

We love a personalised story and encourage contributors to include some unique photos to accompany their piece. The main featured image should be 2000px by 1299px at 72dpi. If necessary, we will source an appropriate image for you.

We will try our best to review your submission and respond within 7 days to let you know if your work has been approved. We look forward to seeing your fine work and sharing it with the world!

Happy changing habits!

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