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Chocolate Peanut Butter Ripple Ice-Cream

Yields1 Serving

So delicious, you won't want to share!

Gf, GrF, EF, can be NF, can be GAPS friendly too!
 1 cup organic milk (preferably un-homogenised)
 1 cup pure cream
 3/4 cup Organic peanut butter (or nut or seed butter, crunchy or smooth)
 1/2 cup Changing Habits Rapadura Sugar or honey
 2 tbsp Homemade Vanilla Essance
 1 tbsp filtered water
 1/4 tsp Changing Habits Cacao Melts (amount depends on how dark you like it)
 1/4 tsp Changing Habits Seaweed Salt

In a saucepan simmer the milk, cream, peanut butter, cacao melts and sugar or honey over a medium heat, stirring until smooth.


Stir in the vanilla and salt and cool to room temp.


Freeze the mixture in an ice-cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions. (If you have a thermomix, pour the mixture into a container until it is almost frozen, then cut into blocks and place in the thermomix bowl and blitz on high (Speed 7-9) for a few minutes until it resembles a smooth ice-cream).


If you would like to add swirls to the mixture, pour half into a container and add extra peanut butter (+ melted cacao melts if you want) on top, then with a spatula, swirl it through the mixture to create a swirled pattern. Pour the rest of the icecream on top carefully and repeat the swirling process again with additional peanut butter and melted cacao melts.


Place in the freezer until set.


Serve with a few roasted, chopped peanuts and enjoy!!