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If you have been following Changing Habits for a while, you will already be aware of how much we love fermented, gut loving foods. Here's another one. We all love sauerkraut and the benefits it gives. When foods are fermented, the vitamin and mineral content dramatically increases, particularly vitamin C and B vitamins. Sauerkraut provides you with 600 times the vitamin C content to what the cabbage had before fermenting, for example.

 1 Organic head green cabbage (including cabbage leaves)
 1/2 Organic head red cabbage
 3 Organic carrots
 2 Tbsp Changing Habits Seaweed Salt
 3 L (approx.) of filtered water
 1 1/2 inch ginger- grated (or more to taste)
 2 cloves of garlic- crushed (or more to taste)
 Optional Add Ins: chopped onion, spring onion, herbs, spices, chilli, pepper, other sea vegetables, grated beetroot or a Tbsp of Changing Habits Probiotics as a starter culture, to ensure the growth of good bacteria in your ferment.

Slice the red and green cabbage thinly (sparing several of the outer cabbage leaves), and grate the carrot.


Combine the vegetables well and then cover and set aside.


Prepare the brine by mixing the salt, water, garlic and ginger. If you have a large blender, blend all these together until well combined.


Transfer the vegetables into wide mouth sterilised glass jars, making sure they are pushed down and quite compact. Leave room for the brine to cover the vegetables well.


Pour the brine over the vegetables and fill the jars up until it reaches about 3cm below the lid (you need to leave room for any expansion). Using the cabbage leaves, roll or fold them and press on top of the liquid and vegetables so the vegetables stay submerged under the liquid.


Place the jars in a warm, dark place and cover with their lids. Allow to ferment for 5-7 days. We suggest opening the lid slightly every day to 'burp' the jar, as the bacteria are producing gas and this is best released for a fresher outcome.


Suggested Serving: Add the juice alone to soups, when drinking bone broth or add to dips or salad dressings. Eat the sauerkraut with salad, with your eggs at breakfast or alongside any meal to improve digestion and increase immunity. Enjoy this beautiful food that will bring you so much health.

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