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Chocolate Chip Chickpea Cookies

Yields1 Serving

By adding the chick peas and the walnuts you use less butter and it makes for a yummy protein cookie. The kids won't even know.

 1 cup Changing Habits Rapadura Sugar
 1/2 cup Organic butter
 1 large organic free range egg
 2 tsp Homemade Vanilla Essance
 1 tin of organic chick peas drained and rinsed and smashed
 1 cup of Changing Habits Cacao Melts, chopped or Changing Habits Cacao Chips
 3/4 cup walnuts - crushed
 2 cups organic Changing Habits Emmer Wheat Flour
 1/2 cup rolled oats
 1 tsp baking powder
 1/4 tsp Changing Habits Seaweed Salt

Preheat oven 180C


In a large bowl beat sugar and butter until smooth.


Add vanilla essence and egg and beat until mixed well.


Add chick peas, chocolate chips, walnuts, flour, oats, baking powder and sea salt.


Mix until all is combined.


Drop the dough by the teaspoon onto the greased baking tray, spacing the cookies (they don't spread). Press with a fork to slightly flatten.


Bake cookies for 8 to 10 minutes or until golden brown.


Allow to cool and hide from the family as they will be eaten in one sitting if you leave them on the bench.