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Vanilla and Dragon Fruit Ice-Cream

Yields1 Serving

This is such a beautiful and refreshing ice-cream, with the creamy-ness coming from the banana and the organic coconut cream.

 The fruit flesh of 2 Purple Dragon fruits
 1 Banana
 1 scraped Vanilla Pod
 A pinch Changing Habits Seaweed Salt
 1/4 -1/2 cup of organic coconut cream (use less if you like a thicker and creamier texture)

Blitz all the ingredients together in a high speed blender or thermomix.


Optional: First taste the mixture, if the fruit is not sweet enough add a little raw organic honey, maple syrup or Changing Habits Maleo


Place in the freezer until 3/4 set, then re-blend so its not rock hard, serve immediately.