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Apple & Passionfruit Jelly

Yields1 Serving

Jelly is so simple, easy and nourishing and you can even make it in under 5 minutes. You can add any seasonal fruits you love, get creative as there are no rules with jelly ;)

 4 Tbsp Changing Habits Gelatin
 1 cup cold water or coconut water
 3 cups hot filtered water or herbal tea
 Juice of 1/2 - 1 lemon
 The pulp of 4-5 passionfruit
 3 apples, chopped (you can have this cooked or fresh)
 Stevia drops to taste
 3 capfuls Changing Habits Colloidal Minerals

Combine the gelatin with cold water and combine until mixed in a glass bowl.


Add all other ingredients together and stir together until the gelatin is dissolved.


Place in the fridge to set.


Once ready, eat and enjoy!