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Pumpkin, Avocado and Lime Salad with Cultured Beetroot

Yields1 Serving

This is the type of salad you can chuck together in a matter of minutes. All of these ingredients were handy in my fridge, so if your missing an ingredient substitute it for something else.

 A handful of leftover roasted pumpkin, diced
 2 cups spinach and rocket mixed (I also had the tops of my beetroots that I added in)
 1/2 Avocado, diced
 1/4 Medium cucumber, diced
 handful fresh herbs, chopped (I used parsley, coriander and mint)
 Protein of your choice (boiled eggs, leftover roasted lamb, beef or chicken, tinned sustainable tuna or salmon etc.)
 2 tbsp cultured veggies (sauerkraut, kim-chi, beetroot etc.)
 1/2 Lime to drizzle on top
 Changing Habits Inca Inchi Oil to drizzle on top
 Changing Habits Seaweed Salt to taste
 Optional: 1-2 Tbsp kefir to drizzle on top

Place the greens onto the plate.


Begin placing all other ingredients on top or you can combine the whole salad in a bowl evenly.


Dress with lime juice and Inca Inchi Oil.


Place the cultured veggies (and kefir if adding this) on top or to the side of the salad.


Drizzle with Inca Inchi oil and seaweed salt to taste.


Serve and enjoy!