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Watermelon and mint slushy

Yields1 Serving

This is a beautifully refreshing drink, especially on a warm day. With the addition of colloidals and probiotics, it makes for a nourishing, energizing and delicious drink everyone will love.

 2 cups cold watermelon, chopped
 2 cups cold coconut water
 1/2 cup ice
 1 tsp Changing Habits Colloidal Minerals
 1 tsp Changing Habits Probiotics
 1/4 Cup fresh mint leaves
 1-2 drops of liquid stevia, or a couple of stevia leaves

Blend watermelon, coconut water, ice, minerals, probiotics and stevia together until smooth in a good blender (or just mix everything together to leave it chunky).


Mix through the mint leaves.


Have a taste before pouring it into glasses, to ensure there is nothing else that you prefer to be added.


Serve immediately.