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Rejuvelac – A fermented drink

Yields1 Serving

I'm not one to take pills and supplements, I'd rather get the nutrients from my food. Recently I was asked about Rejuvelac, which I'd not heard of. It sounded interesting so I looked it up and was absolutely excited about this home made fermented product that is a probiotic. I believe we should be eating more fermented foods and here is an easy way to start to help increase the good bacteria in the gut.

Makes 2 litres Rejuvelac.
 1 cup of Changing Habits Emmer Wheat Flour
 2 litres of filtered water.
 2 litre wide mouthed glass jar.
Method 1

Rinse grains in water to remove dust and debris.


Add the grains to the glass jar. Fill with filtered water and cover with gauze held securely in place with an elastic band. (It is important to prevent the entry of insects.) Soak for 12 hours.


Pour out the soaked water and refill. Leave the jar on a kitchen bench out of direct sunlight.


Give the jar a gentle twirl, but not a shake, every 12 hours. Once a light foam develops the Rejuvelac should be ready for use. It may take anywhere from 2-5 days to ferment the Rejuvelac depending on the room temperature. In hot weather where it may ferment too quickly (around 24 hours) it is possible for the Rejuvelac go putrid. Rejuvelac should have a pleasant yeasty smell with a lemon like flavour.


Once the Rejuvelac is ready then decant the liquid from the top leaving the sediment behind.


Refridgerate. Refill the jar with water and ferment for another 24-36 hours to make a second culture. Decant the Rejuvelac, refridgerate - discard the wheat grains and the sediment.

Method 2

Rinse wheat in water to remove dust and debris.


Soak the grain in filtered water overnight. Pour off the water and rinse.


Cover the jar with muslin cloth held securely in place to prevent entry of insects, then lay the jar on its side to drain, allowing the wheat to sprout for 1-3 days or until the roots are 1-3 mm long.


Rinse periodically to prevent the grains from drying out, and to remove any potentially harmful organisms. In hot weather you may need to rinse the sprouting wheat 4-5 times a day.


Fill the jar with water and ferment the culture for 1-2 days or until it has gone milky with a layer of froth on the surface.


Decant the liquid and refrigerate.

NOTE: It is possible for Rejuvelac to go bad (as it is for sprouts and probably any fermented culture). You can generally tell if the rejuvelac is okay by the smell and taste. It should be acidic with a pH less than pH 3.9. It is good practice to observe, smell and taste the rejuvelac periodically to become accustomed to the changes that occur (as it is for any fermented culture). Rejuvelac should keep in the fridge for a week or more, and will gradually sweeten with time.

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