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Chicken, Sage & Zucchini Fritters

Yields1 Serving

Fritters can be eaten for breakfast (really yummy served with avocado and fried eggs), they make a wonderful lunch box or work lunch addition and can even be eaten as a healthy snack or for a light dinner served with a fresh salad.

 2 cups zucchini, grated
 4 Tbsp coconut flour, sifted
 3 organic eggs
 1 tsp Changing Habits Seaweed Salt
 0.5 tsp Changing Habits Pepper
 0.3 cup torn fresh sage leaves
 1 cup leftover shredded chicken
 Changing Habits Coconut Oil, for cooking
 1 Tbps of Changing Habits Chicken Broth

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until combined evenly.


Heat a frying pan on medium heat.


Add some coconut oil the pan and allow it to melt all over.


Add small amounts of the mixture to the pan (in fritter shapes) and cook no more than 4 at a time.


Cook on each side until golden, when ready place onto a plate with paper towel.


Continue cooking the rest of the mixture until you have used it all up.


When ready serve with a fresh salad, or use these as lunch box or work snacks.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size Makes 8-10