Our Mission

We influence how our food is produced, classified and marketed.


Our Brand Promise focuses on two key components: our commitment to leading with health over profit AND our commitment to making a long-lasting, continual impact — one that not only improves the lives of our community but also creates a ripple of positive change that lasts for generations to come.


If Cyndi is feeding it to her family, you can be assured they are safe, healthy and nourishing for your family too. We go to great lengths to source our products so that you can implement the education we strive to provide, you can read more about Cyndi’s passion for impact here.


We are the ETHICAL and TRUSTED authority in the whole food industry.

We teach and encourage personal responsibility for you to take charge of you own health thus, enabling a better life for you, your family, society, country and the planet.

We promote critical thinking to liberate us and you from outdated philosophies and ideals.

We provide proven, ethical, clean foods that are backed by decades of trial and research.

Everything we do creates a forward progression that leads to a long lasting, continual positive impact; one that not only improves our lives but also our communities and therefore creates a tsunami of change that lasts for
generations to come.

we believe…

At Changing Habits, we believe that educating people about whole food is the key to a rebellion.

We believe that everyone has a right to understand what makes food healthy.

We believe that when we know better, we eat better.
When we eat better, we live better.
And when we live better, we create a ripple effect that impact generations to come.

We know that everyone wants to eat healthfully.
We know that most people know that eating healthy is important.
And we know that on the surface, this should be an easy proposition for most people… And yet, too many people are suffering.

We are the most authentic, innovative and impactful whole food company. Whether through the food products we make, the support programs we offer, or the educational guidance we provide, we are influencing how our food is produced, classified and marketed.

We do it because, in the end, we truly do believe we are what we eat.

It’s why we remain committed to making only healthy, wholesome foods without the fancy marketing speak.

We do it because we believe we deserve to have confidence that the healthy foods we eat, should actually be what they say are — healthy.

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