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Dietary Requirements

Raspberry and lemon gummiesBy TessaYummy, gut-loving gummies - so easy and fun to make! You can adjust the amount of honey depending on your taste.
Beef Nachos (dairy free and gluten free)By TessaA beautiful alternative to regular takeout nachos which often contain dairy and gluten. It is so much fun and a lot more rewarding cooking them from scratch, too!
Tiramisu SliceBy TessaA healthy recreation of an old favourite. A beautiful combination of coffee, chocolate and cream...this one is sure to please!
Pumpkin BrowniesBy Tessa A beautifully textured brownie that includes a hidden vegetable - nobody will pick up on it unless you tell them!
Chocolate TartBy TessaA beautiful chocolate tart, that is so silky smooth in texture. Perfect for chocolate lovers out there!
Raw Pistachio SliceBy TessaA great recipe for pistachio lovers! A beautiful, bite-sized treat.
Jaffa SliceBy TessaThe perfect balance of chocolate and orange. Made with beautiful, all natural ingredients.
Coconut RoughBy TessaA healthy version of an old favourite, which can be whipped up in no time!
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