KongeeBy nathanKongee is an oriental dish that revitalizes the body at breakfast and during times of illness.
Chocolate Nut BallsBy nathanThese yummy balls are delicious and full of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. A wonderful snack and filler in the lunch box, from the Book About Face by Fleur Whelligan and Kim Morrison.
Spicy Roasted WedgesBy nathanThese spicy roasted potato wedges are great served with salsa and advocado dip.
Eve’s Brown Rice SaladBy nathanYou can make this delicious salad up, including the dressing, ahead of time. Just wait to the last minute to add the cashews and sunflower seeds.
Lemon Sago PuddingBy nathanSago makes a light dessert and this lemon version is great served with fresh fruit.
Chilli Taco SaladBy nathanThis is a meal where I place all the ingredients on the table and everyone in my family has their own style of making up the salad.
Chocolate Chip Chickpea CookiesBy nathanBy adding the chick peas and the walnuts you use less butter and it makes for a yummy protein cookie. The kids won't even know.
Baked Thai ChickenBy nathanThis is a healthy and easy to cook Thai meal that the whole family will love!
Vegetarian Sausage RollsBy nathanThese vegetarian sausage rolls are a healthy alternative to a traditional sausage roll.
Basil MayoBy nathanI make this for salads, prawn dipping sauce, or use it as an aioli. For variations you can add different herbs.
Pita BreadBy nathanThis bread is absolutely beautiful, much better then a lot of the pita breads found in grocery stores. So here is an old fashion lebanese recipe.
Vegetable and Red Lentil SoupBy nathanThis is a delicious lunch that I love to make and can be whipped up easily and quickly. Not only is it one that I love but my children and their friends also love it, which says a lot if our current teens find it delicious.
Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks and VegetablesBy nathanWinter means soups and stews. Every Tuesday this is the meal in our house, Lamb Shanks. With the left overs I usually strip the bone of all the meat, then add some water to the sauce, add the meat, heat and blend slightly for a yummy lamb shank soup.
Garlic PestoBy nathanThis is a condiment that I use in so many things - as a base for soups, beginnings of a stir fry, smothering roast vegetables in, roasting broccoli, topping for a salad or basted on a twisted bread loaf before baking the bread (this is my favourite). The uses are endless.
Moroccan Chick Pea CasseroleBy nathanMy daughter Tarnea had a cooking class at school and bought home this wonderful moroccan chick pea casserole, I figured out the basic ingredients and then added a little flourish.
Nasi GorengBy nathanAt my favourite restaurant yesterday, I was served up the most beautiful nasi gorgeng so I thought that I would share this recipe with you all.
Herb & Cheese OmeletteBy nathanThis is a recipe from "I'm Hungry, Let's Cook!", which is a book aimed at letting children help in the kitchen.
Sweet Summer Mango Avocado SalsaBy nathanTwo of my most favourite foods are mango and avocado. I just love this time of year as both of them are readily available in my local fruit and vegetable shop. This recipe is a different slant on the usual guacamole, enjoy.
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