A Changing Habits Lunch Box.

Written by Changing Habits

July 23, 2014

One thing people seem to struggle with, is lunch.The key is being organised. That might be something you didn’t want to hear, though it is worth it. You get to enjoy a nourishing lunch that gives you energy throughout the day and brings you vibrant health. There’s a few important things that need to go into your lunch, including natural sources of fats, proteins, fermented foods and plenty of vegetables. Here, all things are covered. This can’t be done without an esky. So- go out and buy yourself a fancy esky that you love and will pretty much use as your handbag, because if you love it, you will carry it everywhere, making it possible to eat all real, homemade food.

Changing Habits All Natural Probiotics, which you can purchase HERE.

Pickled Beetroot/Beet Kvass, find the recipe HERE.

Chia Pudding, find the recipe HERE.

Broth made into pumpkin soup, find the recipe for broth HERE.

The recipe for the Pickled Green Papaya Salad will be released tomorrow. Stay tuned!

There are plenty of sources of friendly bacteria here, such as from the Changing Habits Probiotics, the Beet Kvass and the papaya salad which contains apple cider vinegar. The savoury slice was nothing special, just something to have on the side. You could replace this with mixed nuts and seeds, homemade gluten free bread, or a savoury muffin you can find HERE. The Chia Pudding is a stunning treat to be enjoyed at any time, while being rich in saturated and omega fatty acids. The broth made into a pumpkin soup is GUT loving and extremely immune boosting. Lastly, the lemon is to have with water throughout the day. With the added pinch of seaweed salt in the lemon water, you are ensuring proper hydration, whilst receiving the cleansing and immune boosting benefits of the lemon.

What will you do today, that will make your day better tomorrow?…

Enjoy and happy Changing Habits.

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