Fire Water – Movie of the Month

Written by Changing Habits

July 6, 2011

FIRE WATER: Australia’s Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace



The above link will take you to Fire Water. It is a free movie and is well worth watching. The information contained in it will make you go out and buy your self a water filter then send the bill to your own State Premier.

I am often asked which is the best water filter to buy to get rid of the Fluoride in your water?

In order to get rid of the heavy metals, chloride and flouride you must get a reverse osmosis system. I’ve been looking for the best buy and best quality and have found it online at This model will fit under your sink, it stands 42cm has a width of 35cm and depth of 14cm. It comes with a small tank that will also fit under the sink. I asked my plumber what would be the average cost of installing it and he said around $100 to $150.

I’ve been talking with Peter (a very knowledgeable man on water and filters) from psifilters and he has offered Changing Habits a discount on his filters (follow the link and have a look at all the filters and decide what one you would like). For myself and my family I have purchased the Model 021-5RM with alkaliser and 9 litre tank. This was after an hour talking with Peter as to the best things for my needs.

Good luck!

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