Healing Cancer World

Written by Changing Habits

September 4, 2012

Meet the Doctors, Nutritionists and Advocates Who Say Cancer May Be Treated Successfully and Naturally – Without Excessive Use of Drugs, Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy.  Our very own Jessica Ainscough is part of this summit.  Jessica was diagnosed with a rare cancer when she was 22, she stopped all conventional medicine when the cancer returned 12 months after chemotherapy.  Her story is awe inspiring.  From late nights, canapés and champagne to a whole new life.  She said she never mourned for what she had to give up but rather celebrated what she gained in her life.  There are not only people who have survived cancer in the interviews but also the doctors, nutritionists and health workers that have many case studies of survival and to full health.

For free access to this summit – CLICK HERE before October 31st 

People who will be on the summit are; Kris Carr, Dr Nicholas Gonzalez, Dr Francisco Contreras, Dr Leigh Erin Connealy, Dr Keith Scott Mumby, Nicholas Ortner, Mike Adams, Christopher Wark and Howard Strauss.

I wish I had this summit available to me 6 years ago so that I could have made more informed decisions about my Mum and sister’s care.  Every year I learn more, every year I write more so that this knowledge can be passed to people so that they can make informed decisions about their own health care.

While the Healing Cancer World Summit is on I’ll be in Nepal hiking the Annapunna Trail, so I’ve payed $49.95 to have the digital downloads available to me when I get back.  Looking forward to them and looking forward to hearing what you enjoyed about the summit.

One of the most exciting things about the digital age is that I never have to leave my lounge to get this information.  Once upon a time I would have to fly to the US and UK in order listen to these speakers.  It would have cost me a fortune in flights, time and conference fees, now in the lounge free!  Wow!

Enjoy the summit.
Here is your free link to the summit make sure you sign up before it starts on October 31st so that you can get access each night. click here to sign up

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