Lemon & Ginger Detox Bath SaltsBy KaylaA jar of these bath salts would make a great gift idea! Or, take a moment to run a hot bath and enjoy these gorgeous bath salts yourself. You deserve it after all!
Roasted Carrot, Onion & Sweet Potato SoupBy KaylaRoasting the vegetables introduces a rich caramelised character to this dish. A deliciously hearty soup packed with veggies and nutrients that will have you licking the bowl!
Mexican Turmeric Mince with Sneaky GreensBy KaylaMix up your classic mince recipes with this beautiful spice medley! Serve as is, with extra veggies or salad on the side, with sweet potato chips or simply with a fried egg or avocado on top.
Pumpkin and Herb Broth FrittersBy KaylaAn easy, perfect, nourishing snack or meal to have on hand. Cook up a large batch once a week and keep them in your fridge to make life easy! They are absolutely delicious, have very little carbohydrates, are gut loving and are full of good fats so will keep you satiated.
Gut Loving Scrambled Eggs with Turmeric & BrothBy KaylaNext time you have an omelette, scrambled or fried eggs, try sprinkling some of our Dehydrated Broth on top to not only get the nutritional and health benefits but to also add a beautiful crunchy texture, taking your eggs to a whole other level.
Anti-Inflammatory Chicken Red CurryBy KaylaI absolutely love curry's, they are a fantastic way to get lots of good quality fats from the coconut, anti-inflammatory properties (and other health benefits) from the turmeric, herbs and spices used and it always tastes better the next day as everything infuses together creating a richer, deep aroma and flavour. Delicious!
Golden Cauliflower MashBy KaylaIf you're avoiding potatoes but still missing a creamy mash, then you need to try our tasty and super creamy golden cauliflower mash. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties from the turmeric and some gut healing healing properties from the added broth. Delicious and nutritious!
Chicken, Sage & Zucchini FrittersBy KaylaFritters can be eaten for breakfast (really yummy served with avocado and fried eggs), they make a wonderful lunch box or work lunch addition and can even be eaten as a healthy snack or for a light dinner served with a fresh salad.
Chicken Salted Carrot ChipsBy KaylaWe decided to create our own healthy chicken salt using the latest food product at Changing Habits, our dehydrated broth + our Turmeric which boasts some incredible anti-inflammatory properties. You can use this 'Chicken Salt' on other roasted chips such as; potato, sweet potato, beetroot etc. as well as on roasted or slow cooked meats, on top of salads or boiled or scrambled eggs.
Nourishing Zucchini & Coconut BreadBy KaylaThis bread is a great way to add more greens into your daily diet, but also another easy way to get more broth in so you can reap the nutritional and health benefits of it. This bread is best served toasted and smeared with a generous amount of butter or fresh avocado. Yum!
Golden RiceBy KaylaCooking the rice in turmeric, salt and dehydrated broth allows the aromas and flavours to infuse into the rice and transform it into 'golden rice' which boosts the overall nutrition and health benefits of it.
Roasted Veggie & Herb SaladBy KaylaThis is a really simple and easy roast salad to make and pairs well with fish, chicken or roasted lamb.
Turmeric Veggie PattiesBy KaylaThese little fritters are great for dinner served with a side salad or great option to take to work for lunch or simply eaten as a healthy snack.
Choc Banana & Cinnamon SmoothieBy KaylaSmoothies are a super easy way to get so much goodness into one glass. They are also so convenient for when you are short on time or for meals on the run.
Turmeric & BBQ spiced Roast ChickenBy KaylaHave you read the ingredients list of a store brought roasted or marinated chicken? After you do you will never purchase another convenient chicken again. Why would you anyways when home cooked tastes so much better and you know what you are eating. Why not experiment with some different spices and rubs and get a gorgeous tasting chicken every time!
Simple SushiBy KaylaMaking your own Sushi is easy! And the best thing is you know exactly what the ingredients are and you can experiment with different fillings and flavours to find one you love!
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