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Hangover cures

Hangover cures

Christmas is a hard time of year to stick to any eating regime, but as a nutritionist I know that no one is perfect and so a little cheating now and then is to be expected! The key is not undoing all the wonderful work you’ve done throughout the year by making poor...
Creating your own Home Base.

Creating your own Home Base.

A softball and baseball player knows that when they get to home base, they are safe.  My house on the Sunshine Coast is my home base.  I find my home the best place for me to go and rejuvenate after a day at work, a weekend speaking or time travelling.  It’s a place I...
Fats – How to choose the best ones.

Fats – How to choose the best ones.

Fat was never a dirty word, before the 1960’s, lard or dripping on bread was a favourite, bacon and eggs were a traditional breakfast and the fat on the meat was a treat.  Yet today many people have a fat phobia, making sure that it is not in the diet, hunting through...
Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla!

Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla!

Vanilla is one of those items which, although you don’t really think about being an essential everyday item, lends itself to a large variety of uses. I didn’t exactly seek out the Vanilla pod for its nutritional qualities in the beginning, I just wanted it for myself...
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