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Written by Cyndi

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October 15, 2013

homeA softball and baseball player knows that when they get to home base, they are safe.  My house on the Sunshine Coast is my home base.  I find my home the best place for me to go and rejuvenate after a day at work, a weekend speaking or time travelling.  It’s a place I feel safe, it’s a place where everything I need is available to me; comfy bed, good food, my special things and of course my family.  I love my adventures, I love my work, but home is important to come back to and recoup.

I was thinking about this concept recently when it comes to every aspect of our lives.  We have a home base where we know things work and we feel safe.  For example; money in the bank where you know it can’t become a failed investment, favourite coffee shop where you will get the best coffee that you love, favourite band, concert or entertainment.  The amount of sleep you get and where you sleep may also be an important home base for you.  The list is endless; they are the ‘go to’ list of things that help you in your every day life.   They become habits that we don’t have to think about, but know will always give us the same outcome.  If we don’t get the same outcome from these home bases, then we are jolted into annoyance, disarray and inconvenience.  I want you to really think about this because it is important for your health and what I’m about to say next.

I was listening to a speaker recently, a physician who had a certain food and lifestyle protocol for her clients to follow for their hormone health.  She made the statement that when her patients followed the protocol they did really well, but when they strayed from the foods they should be eating and the lifestyle they should be living, their health and wellbeing suffered.  Her protocol was the home base for these women.

Her comment really struck me because when you know where your home base is for health, why don’t you go back to it when things are going haywire with your health?  Why continue to go off track when you know what works?  Why not go home and rejuvenate, get better, eat and do what makes you feel safe and healthy?

I have a home base for the food and drink I consume.  I know the foods that make me feel good and what gives me health and sustained energy.  I’ve done the work that enables me to figure this out, mainly by my loss protocols.  I notice if I stray from the protocol then I may not feel as well as I could or think as clearly as I like to or have no joints that ache or continued headaches and migraines.

My home base for food does not mean that I can’t go on adventures and try new foods, eat out, go to restaurants and friends’ places.  But once I’ve been on my adventure I then go straight back to home base, which is back home, back to where things work and I feel good and safe.  You see, I like feeling good, I like being empowered to know what is right for me.

Many people go on diets or as is the case with many of my protocols; loss from certain foods, they feel wonderful and then change what they are doing and what is working, introduce foods, drinks, get lapse in their movement routine, then lose energy, gain weight and have a health crisis.  Instead of them staying at home base and going on small adventures and trying things, they go out into the big wide world and never get home, they feel hopeless and lost.

Some people with their health and nutrition are on one big adventure and don’t even know where home is. Their adventure is fraught with danger where they risk their life at every turn – they have lost their compass and don’t even know which way to go. They are given directions (diagnosis) and then told the short cuts home with the use of medications, but the short cut may have cliffs and valleys that are impassable and they never make it home. They remain lost their whole life never knowing home, never knowing health and energy.

And then one day someone suggests a new direction, almost heretical, a new way to get home that feels somewhat different. It feels like it is in the wrong direction and so much longer than it should be. It seems to have a few obstacles but with the right equipment and tools there is a good chance they will get home.

What astounds me is how many people put their head in the sand and don’t want to listen, refuse to change their direction, continue down the same path thinking that the next short cut home will work.  I’ve seen them over and over, they don’t want to listen to an outsider (non doctor) saying something different, and they fight tooth and nail to prove they are right only to the peril of their own health.  I have people around me like this, so I know they are out there, they try to trip me up with everything I say, they want to know why I think I know better than the authorities, if I put something on social media they make some derogatory remark.

But when I see them, I see they are sick, have no energy, are unhappy and cannot do the things they want to do.  I realise it is not up to me to make them change, the only person I can change is me and then by example perhaps I may influence my family, friends and with their love and support we may influence our communities.

So where is home base for health and how do you get there to recuperate, stay and get well until your next well-equipped adventure?  Recuperation may take some time and it’s important to stay in the safeness of home base once you start.

If you have done an loss protocol with Changing Habits then you probably have a pretty good idea, but if you haven’t or you haven’t even contemplated the food you put into your mouth could be what is causing your aches, pains, headaches, lack of energy, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease or latest rare anomaly and disease you have, then don’t feel alone there are a lot of lost people, even well educated people who don’t know their way to home base.

For instance Dr Terry Wahl was like most doctors, she was always focused on quickly diagnosing her patients and then using drugs and surgical procedures to treat them (short cuts) – that is, until she became a patient herself being diagnosed with the autoimmune disease – Multiple Sclerosis.

Her medical training and understanding was soon replaced as a matter of necessity with the philosophy that disease begins at the cellular level – when cells are starved of the food they need to conduct the chemistry of life properly and that the root of optimal health begins with taking away the things that harm and confuse cells while providing the body with the right environment and nutrition in which to thrive.  I call this home base, a sanctuary that heals.

To get home you need a compass, a leader, a map and someone that can help you navigate the many bumps you may encounter.  Once you’ve got home and you know what works, then it is important to stay home for some time.  There are some people who are in a crisis situation who can’t go on adventures for quite some time and they must stay at home base with the food and lifestyle they know works for them to recuperate and heal.

For others who had never strayed away from home base for long, when you are a little lost you have the tools and compass to quickly get you back on track to home.

Home base is the food and lifestyle that gives you maximum health, energy and vitality, find it, know where it is always and use it in times of discomfort, ill health, anxiety and life’s challenges.

My home base is simple, I eat lots of greens and vegetables, meat (muscle and organ), fish, chicken, seeds and seasonal fruits, as well as herbal tea, some nuts, coconut, cacao, unrefined salt and clean purified water.  My lifestyle home base includes swims in the ocean, walks, time with my family and friends, family dinners, time in nature, reading, meditation and quantity sleep (at least 8 hours a night with 2 to 3 hours before midnight).

Figure out your home base and visit it frequently, and stay for some time, come back to it constantly knowing that home base has the capacity to help you live a full, energetic and healthy life both physically and mentally.

Enjoy Home Base
Cyndi O’Meara

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