Eat chocolate to beat diabetes.

Written by Changing Habits

March 8, 2011

One of the biggest diet fallacies to date is that sugar causes diabetes and artificial sweeteners are the healthy alternative.

In the last two decades in Australia diabetes has increased 300%, 275 people are diagnosed every day, by 2015 it is estimated that 4.6 million people will have diabetes in Australia.  Since 1980 world wide diabetes has doubled, which translates to 10% of the world adult population has diabetes despite a decrease in sugar consumption.

The diabetes association of australia still promotes foods with sugar substitutes but current research reveals that people who consume artificial sweeteners have a much higher chance of being diagnosed with diabetes and obesity.  Just one diet drink a day increases the chance of heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Both type1 and type 2 Diabetes are misunderstood diseases.
Type 1 Diabetes is not a genetic disorder, but rather an auto immune disease that is growing amongst all age groups.   Type 2, (90% of all diabetics), is a lifestyle disease that can be prevented and cured with diet.

Facts about Diabetes
• Diabetes is Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease
• One person is diagnosed every seven minutes
• It is estimated that for every person diagnosed with diabetes, another person is unaware they have it
• Type 2 diabetes costs Australia $3 billion a year

These are shocking statistics and if you don’t want to be a statistic don’t do what the rest of the population is doing.

I do love chocolate and it doesn’t cause diabetes and I’ve never said it was bad for you.  It all depends on quality.  So I’ve been looking around at the best chocolate and have found 3 that are readily available.  These are not the only ones as there are some boutique chocolate makers that do make chocolate from quality ingredients.  Just read the ingredients.  

The key is to look for 3 main ingredients; cacao butter, cacao powder and an unprocessed sweetener.  My favourites are Loving Earth, Cocolo and Alter Eco.  I always buy dark chocolate (for two reasons) – the kids hate it therefore it doesn’t vanish in a day and secondly I don’t like the ingredients they put in to make the dark chocolate into milk chocolate.  With Loving Earth I find that I’m satisfied with one line (3 portions) chocolate.  Chocolate for me is a health food not something to avoid but to enjoy.  If you have a problem with overeating chocolate just remember a line a day of a block is enough – no more.

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