Health insurance companies looking for healthier people!

Written by Changing Habits

November 24, 2010

Two Groups Health Insurance Companies Want to Insure – Are you in that group?

Health insurance companies in the United States as well as around the world have identified that there are three groups of people that they insure.  Two of the groups they are very happy to insure the third group they have no wish to have on their lists.  Therefore they have strategically marketed their products to the first two groups.  Clever!

The first group of individuals are people who really look after themselves, they eat well, exercise, work on their relationships, they either don’t drink alcohol or on the odd occasion, don’t smoke, visit their doctor seldom because they don’t need to and are generally healthy.  The second group don’t do what the first group does but are open to change and suggestion and can either make it into group 1 or at least eat well and exercise.  The third group, drink, smoke, don’t care what they eat and believe that taking a pill is far easier then eating fruits and vegetables or changing their habits.  

For me it is an interesting observation that even health insurance companies are aware that the more we look after ourselves the less we will need them.  If the insurance companies have got it then why do we not have a medical profession (not all but on the most part) that does not address lifestyle issues but are very quick to prescribe medication.  A paper I was reading recently pointed out that there is a bigger problem with drug addiction to prescription medication then there are to illegal drugs.

Which group do you belong in?  I would say that everyone who bothers to read the changing habits. newsletter will be in either group one or two.  Group one keeps reading so that they can improve even more in their health.  Group two reads to get information so that they can make the changes. Group three would never even bother to read the information as they have no intention of changing.

Happy Changing Habits

Cyndi O’Meara

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