How to Keep on Track With Your Health Goals When Socialising


Written by Leanne Blackman

January 5, 2018

It’s much easier to complete all four phases of the Fat Loss Protocol without interruption from our social life. So, in an ideal world, it would be a great idea to begin at a time when you are able to focus on the protocol, keeping social engagements limited, especially big events like weddings or parties.

But sometimes life just happens….unplanned activities come up, social events keep coming in and travel is on the cards too. But while this can be a little unnerving, there is no need to panic – there are steps that you can take to keep you on the right path to improving your long-term health and continuing to meet your health goals.

1. Set the Right Mindset

From the very first moment that you plan to travel, attend a social event, or do anything that takes you away from your daily routine, you need to set the right mindset. Remind yourself that you are in control.

There is a section in the 4 Phase Protocol book that talks about building a new vision of a healthier you. It defines two types of sides – the cause side and the effect side. The effect side is when we always have an excuse for what happens…someone or something caused the failure. Most people live on this side. We start something, we give up – we make up an excuse and feel better for having a reason why it failed. The cause side is you saying ‘Yes’, I cause what happens in my life…I create, control and drive everything.

This is the time to make the change to the ’cause’ side. You are in complete control of your journey – if that mind of yours is still on the effect side there will be a lot of reasons to give up… BUT, just imagine if you take control! This is when the magic happens!

2. Take Action and Plan

It is important to be involved, take control and seek out the right food for you – this is an essential part of the process. This may mean pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, taking time to research and locate venues that accommodate your eating habits and asking questions.

Our body is our temple – the time that we invest now will soon be rewarded in our journey of ultimate health.

Acknowledge that you have chosen to follow this program to improve your health and this involves being on a restrictive eating plan for a short period of time. When temptations arise, remember your weight loss goals and why you started the protocol in the first place.

Here are some pointers for some common social scenarios:

Eating Out – Dinner Invitation

I have found that restaurant/kitchen staff can be so incredibly accomodating and it is amazing what kindness and a bright smile can achieve.

  • Make contact ahead of time. If you are concerned with quizzing the wait staff in front of your friends, you may find telephoning the restaurant a few days beforehand easier. Give them the run-down on what you can eat – with notice most will be able to accommodate your needs.
  • Ignore the menu and simply ask the waitress if you can have your protein steamed with vegetables. Many restaurants will cook to order – don’t forget to mention that no oils or dressings are to be used. I have found seafood and chicken are easy options that can be cooked without oil; by adding a serve of veg on the side, they are perfect options for eating out.

Large Social Gathering – ie Wedding/Work Function/Set Menu

When attending an event where I cannot control the food, I ensure I make preparations beforehand. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Eat before you go – never attend an event hungry. Ensure you fill up before you go so you don’t find yourself so hungry that you’ll eat just about anything! Extreme hunger is a recipe for bingeing and unhealthy choices.
  • Take a little container with a serve of dehydrated bone broth with you – hot water and coffee cups can be sourced at most functions.
  • Drink sparkling water – this is a great social drink. Add a lemon slice or fresh herbs if available – bubbles make everything better!


My first bit of advice is to plan your food and stay on track. Commit to the process each and every day.

  • Be sure your hotel room has a refrigerator – or even better, a self-contained kitchen.
  • Pack a cooler bag of food for either car or plane travel – sliced apples, cooked chicken breast, salad, cherry tomatoes, etc. These items all travel well with a small ice-brick. Changing Habits Bone Broth is also perfect for travel as hot water is easily sourced on the road and in the air.
  • Plan ahead. Shop for some pantry staples like tinned tuna in springwater and dehydrated fruit such as strawberries and apple chips and take them with you. This means that once you arrive at your destination you will have food ready to go.
  • Once you have settled, stock up on any fresh foods that you may need – salad greens, fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • On holiday, it is easy to forget about eating when we are out sightseeing or spending time with family and friends. Then we find ourselves sooo hungry that we will eat anything! Instead of letting your hunger reach crisis point, try and stick to your normal routine of eating – ensure you have healthy snacks in your handbag ready to go.

No matter what type of celebration or who we are celebrating with, there is always a common theme: food! What I have learnt is that although food is an important part of my life, my thoughts no longer revolve around food. My focus is now on my family and friends, my surroundings or the life experiences I am making – my indulgence is now my love for the company I keep.

Imagine how great you’ll feel about yourself after you’ve stuck to the protocol, even when circumstances were less than ideal. It will not be an overnight realisation – taking the time to change our habits is a gift, it is empowering.

What you repeatedly do ultimately forms the person you are. It’s all a process, my friend. Stick with it – we’re all behind you!

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