Manifesting Your Best Version of You


Written by Leanne Blackman

January 1, 2019

Have you ever listened to how you speak to yourself – like, really listened?! What if I told you that the way we *talk* to ourselves can directly influence the outcome of our journey to optimum health and wellness? Would you choose your words more carefully if you knew what a massive impact those silent whispers can have?

In our modern society, it’s hard not to place some emphasis on our external appearance as we are constantly bombarded with images of what we ‘should’ look like. Over the years, I have caught myself whispering under my breath, “My bum is sooo big”, “Look at my mummy tummy”, “I can’t lose weight”, “If only I was skinny”…sound familiar?

Whether you are short, tall, thin, robust, overweight, saggy, muscular, we all have something in common – no matter what our external body looks like, we all need to consider how much our bodies actually do for us on a daily basis. Our strength, compassion, love, healing capabilities…without thought, our bodies are constantly working hard for us every day.

So, let’s not take our bodies for granted anymore… no more negativity – let’s celebrate how amazing each and every one of us are!

So, let’s talk manifesting! I will be the first one to admit that I gulped in fear when I read my blog topic this month…I had no real personal experience, so for this blog to happen I needed to intensively research and be my own guinea pig this week! I have been manifesting my little heart and head out! Thank goodness for YouTube and Google! And, I have to say, I am a complete convert!

So What is Manifesting?

Simply, it is intentionally creating what you want, whether it be to lose weight, or achieve optimum health or positive wellbeing. It’s learning to focus on what you want to happen in your life and a belief that everything happening in your life right now is a direct reflection of what is happening inside you.

So, how do you go about manifesting? I have some helpful hints on beginning your introduction to manifesting.

  1. Go in with an open mind

When you first begin to research manifesting it can seem a little bit ‘hippy woo woo’….but trust me when I say that it is SO much more! About 99 percent of your body is made up of atoms of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. We are literally walking balls of energy – each one radiating its own unique energy signature. We can learn to change our energy from low to high frequency simply by manifesting some positivity back into our lives.

Our thoughts alone have the ability to influence everything – things like our health, fitness and wellbeing. A placebo effect works because of the power of thought – what flows though our mind also sculpts our brain in permanent ways. As a thought travels through your brain, neurons fire together, new connections are made, activities get stronger, receptors are built and new synapses are formed. Our brains are incredible machines with the ability to change, given the right environment.

So, if you have been bombarding your cells with negative thoughts, guess what?! You are literally programming your body to be more inclined to be negative.

The good news is that our body can quickly be reprogrammed. The growing field of epigenetics is proving that the mind/body connection is real – you have the power to influence your  body, right down to a genetic level. So, let’s get these positive thoughts flowing…

  1. Choose your intention – what do you want?

You need to be clear on what you really want, right down to the smallest details. Write it down, say it out loud, get journalling or make a vision board. You could also try wearing a specific bracelet or necklace – this object could be your reminder of the goal you have set. Find one or a number of things that work for you!

I know what it is like to feel weak, to feel fat – before my journey with the Fat Loss Protocol I was 122kg and frustrated with who I had become. So after losing close to 60kg, my next step is focusing on building strength. I have set up a daily reminder on my phone so I have a little message pop up: *I am thankful for my body and I am becoming stronger every day*. What a fantastic way to start my day – positive, loving, grateful all in one glance!

Importantly, you must believe it is going to happen. Keep it super positive – no negatives – so rather than saying “I don’t want my kids to wake me at 5am during the school holidays”, try sending a positive vibe out into the universe like “My children are feeling so happy and full of energy now that they are sleeping in until 8am in the school holidays”. (Okay, I may be pushing the boundaries – let’s say 7am to be REAL!).

  1. Positive actions in daily life

After setting a goal, we then need to put it all into action. You need to immediately start living as though the reality you seek is already present. We are sort of trying to *trick* our senses…power comes from believing! This next stage is about making the changes, physically and emotionally, in your every day life.

For example, if you are wanting to find love, you must be more loving to yourself. If you are wanting to be healthier, choose the stairs rather than the lift. It must be a positive action, so those stairs must be an exciting adventure, not a forced activity.

So this week, my manifesting focus has been on believing in my own body and letting go of the barriers I have built up – and it is working! I normally grab the 2kg hand weights or 4kg kettle bell – guess what? This week I believed in myself and was very successful with much larger weights.

Positive actions create something wonderful, allowing you to tune in and listen to both your body and heart so this greatness can grow!

  1. Let go of your fears

Yes, this can be tough for many of us. This can be quite an emotional journey…we are uncovering deep layers, and discovering that our long-standing beliefs may actually not be truths can be confronting. I was quite shocked with how many times a day my mind placed a little self-limiting thought into my head – I would call myself a positive person but once I started really focusing on my internal thoughts I have discovered that I am definitely a work in progress. Manifesting has shown me that I can empower myself just as much internally as I can externally – it really is mind blowing!

We deserve to be in control of our own wellbeing and happiness. We need to choose our words and thoughts wisely and begin to see them as a tool that our body has given us, just as we use our arms to lift things or our legs to travel to a destination. Our words and thoughts can lead us on a journey with limitless boundaries – reach for the stars and dream big.

Let’s make 2019 our best year yet – make the changes today, that your future self will thank you for!

“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” – Dolly Parton

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S Lewis

Leanne Blackman

Protocol Coach Changing Habits

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