Is The Fat Loss Protocol Right for You?

Written by Mel Kent

January 3, 2019

Whatever your own personal goals, you, like many others, may find yourself wondering whether the Fat Loss Protocol is right for you.

Firstly – what is the Fat Loss Protocol (FLP)? The FLP is a program that is based on the original diet developed by Dr Simeons back in the 1950’s. When the program is followed correctly it will enable your body to rapidly access and eliminate your abnormal fat stores while maintaining the integrity of your normal and structural fat stores. It is important to maintain these normal fat stores as they pad the heels of our feet, connect our skin to our tissue, and keep our faces looking nice and plump instead of drawn and haggard as sometimes happens with other forms of weight loss.

The Benefits of FLP

The Fat Loss Protocol has many additional benefits besides rapid fat loss. Other benefits many of our customers have reported include:

* Strong nails

* Smooth skin

* Clear eyes

* Stronger, shinier hair

* Increased energy

* Increased mental clarity

* Disappearance of aches and pains

* Improved blood sugar readings

* Improved blood pressure readings

* Improvements with hormonal conditions such as PCOS

* Increased/return to fertility

When FLP Might Not Be a Good Fit For You

With rapid fat loss and a possible improvement in many other areas in your life, what’s not to love?! That said, there are a few things that mean this protocol isn’t suitable for everyone. If you:

* Are pregnant

* Are breastfeeding

* Have moderate-severe gut issues/intestinal permeability

we suggest you do not undertake the Fat Loss Protocol.

In addition to this, we do suggest that you check in with your chosen health practitioner prior to starting, especially if you have any other underlying medical conditions. An integrative/holistic GP, naturopath or nutritionist versed in the program would be ideal for an objective health clearance prior to starting.

If you’re unsure whether the protocol is suitable for you, please get in touch with us via email at – we would love to talk to you about your own individual options, however please understand we cannot comment on particular medical conditions. 

FLP – What You Can Expect

Now that you know some of the advantages and disadvantages of the program, lets talk about what you can expect if you do decide to go ahead with it. A very new addition to our program is the 7 Day Body Prep, which is designed to be started prior to commencing the Fat Loss Protocol. The purpose of the 7 Day Body Prep is to remove most sources of food inflammation from our diet.

We will also start the detox and withdrawal process so that the worst of it is over by the time we reach Phase 2 and restricted calories. The food choices during the 7 Day Body Prep are not as restrictive as on the Fat Loss Protocol and there is no calorie restriction, however from the reports we have had back so far from happy customers, the addition of this cleanse has been very welcome. People are noticing weight loss during these five days, and people who have completed multiple rounds of the Fat Loss Protocol have found their first week much easier having completed the 7 Day Body Prep prior to starting.

The 7 Day Body Prep seems to be the perfect way to ease into the Fat Loss Protocol so make sure you take full advantage of it and set aside time to complete it prior to starting.

After you finish the 7 Day Body Prep you will move onto the Fat Loss Protocol. Phase 1 consists of 2-3 fat loading days where you eat healthy fats to absolute capacity. There are no foods/drinks that are strictly off limits in Phase 1, however we do suggest your focus should always be healthy fats (ie don’t fill up on empty carbs like bread and pasta, instead have marbled fatty meat and vegetables cooked in fat, or salads dressed with extra virgin olive oil, pesto and added feta and avocado for a good healthy fats boost).

Phase 2 is where the magic happens. Throughout Phase 2, you will be on a limited food intake, and the kinds of foods you will be eating are very specific and restricted. Despite the limited food intake you should not feel hungry thanks to those wonderful loading days and the 4 Phase Fat Loss Support Drops (however it is normal to feel ‘empty’ and bored – you will quickly realise how often you open that fridge or pantry door looking for food out of habit and boredom!) Your diet in Phase 2 will consist of lean proteins, leafy greens, select vegetables, select winter fruits, plenty of water and nutritional supplements. No fats or sugars are to be consumed during this phase.

After a minimum of 13 days and a maximum of 43 days you will move on to Phase 3, which is exactly the same as Phase 2 except you stop taking the drops, and allow them to leave your system before moving on to Phase 4.

Phase 4 is really exciting and empowering as this is the phase that you will learn about you and your individual body and the foods it likes and those it doesn’t – and you may be surprised! Phase 4 will give you the keys to unlock your ongoing health success, and this is the true gift of the Fat Loss Protocol.

If you follow the program as it is written, you will walk away with the tools and knowledge about your body that will enable you to enjoy a healthier new life all while maintaining your new lower weight! How amazing is that?!

If you think the Fat Loss Protocol seems like a good fit for you, you can read more about it here.

I look forward to seeing you in our Private Facebook Support Group soon!

Yours in health and happiness!

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