Medical Doctors are Changing

Written by Changing Habits

January 6, 2010

I’ve just been to Woodford Folk Festival 2009.  It is a fabulous festival, filled with music, arts, entertainment, comedy and my favourite; the collection of minds on matters such as health, environment, permaculture etc.  It is a melting pot of intellect that I just soak up.  I only had a day at Woodford Folk Festival 2009  but I managed to listen to 10 speakers. 

Of course I always go to the venue that gives me information on health and once again I was not disappointed.  Medical doctors, nutritionist, researchers were all speaking my language, informing their audiences that it is time to go back to our old fashion diet, not the new way of eating but the very old way of eating, they even talked about the paleolithic diet and don’t eat anything that your great grandmother didn’t eat. Sound familiar!!! 

I spoke with one of the speakers, Dr Carole Hungerford a medical doctor from Sydney.  She told me that many people come to her with prescriptions of 15 or more, she says that if she can’t get them down to less then 3 she is not doing her job.  Her aim is to get her patients off all medications.  She told me that she belonged to an organisation of 3000 medical doctors in Australia that thought like her, so if you are looking for a medical doctor that thinks differently and wants to get you healthy not just prescribe drugs then go to the following website and follow the links to a doctor near you.  I’m hoping to get one of these doctors to talk at the health retreat in Coolum 23rd -25th July 2010.

It was so refreshing to hear from doctors that were really making a difference and looking mainly at diet to help their patients.

Brittany Murphy the young 32 year old actress that passed away from a heart attack before Christmas was thought to have been taking a concoction of medications, perhaps it wasn’t a heart attack but rather the untested chemical poison that she swallowed.

According to information leaked to the press, Brittany Murphy was found near prescription medications of all the following drugs:

  • Topamax (an anti-seizure medication)
  • Methylprednisolone (anti-inflammatory drug)
  • Fluoxetine (antidepressant)
  • Klonopin (anxiety medication)
  • Carbamazepine (bipolar medication)
  • Ativan (anxiety medication)
  • Vicoprofen (pain reliever)
  • Propranolol (hypertension drug)
  • Biaxin (an antibiotic)
  • Hydrocodone (pain medication)

That’s a whopping ten medications that Brittany Murphy may have been swallowing all at once.  There is no research that shows the safeness of combining 10 medications.  All research is done on one medication and its effect on the body.

Although I’m not into new years resolutions, if you were going to have one; could it be that you reduce the medications that you rely on by finding a doctor who will help, and of course follow the guidelines of the Changing Habits program.

Dr Carole Hungerford is a doctor with ethics, she wasn’t famous but she was loyal to her beliefs, later in this newsletter I’ve written a small piece on Dr John Darcy and his blatant propaganda and promotion of a a weight loss powder that is nothing more then chemicals and additives that should not even be consumed by your pet.  I wrote a letter to Dr John Darcy but have had no response!!!  I’ve also written to the TV and radio outlets he is on but have had no response.  Perhaps if you have the time you could send the letter I wrote to your local media. 

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