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Written by Changing Habits

April 4, 2012

The Paleo Diet is getting a lot of airplay, especially in the US and there is a ground swell happening in Australia the UK and New Zealand.  Basically the Paleo diet is meats, fish, greens and vegetables.  Then there are many versions on the theme.  Some say fruit can be included others nuts and seeds, even eggs and then there is the Swiss Paleo where dairy is part of the diet, hanging off that is even inclusion of grain for another the Paleo variation.

Doing anthropology in my undergraduate degree has always steered me in the right direction as regards to the paleo diet scene.  Even before it was called Paleo I and many anthropologist called it the hunter gatherer diet.

My book Changing Habits Changing Lives has always been based on our historical diets rather than our modern way of eating.  Traditional diets have stood the test of time even the Hindu vegetarian diet (not vegan) has been around for 5000 years.  Our modern diet of breakfast cereals, skim milk, toast, margarine and vegemite, with cheese sandwiches and pasta is robbing humans of their health, energy and sanity.

Recently I had the good fortune to be informed about the Paleo Summit that was recorded early this month in the US.  I love keeping abreast of the science behind eating a strict paleo diet as well as all the versions.  I  also love  modern technology because I don’t have to wait or fly overseas to get the information, instead I sit at my computer and download all the talks and interviews. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks with ear phones in.  No body wants to drive with me because the only thing coming out of my speakers is the summit.  My husband saw me walking the other morning and asked if I wanted a ride home, I pointed to my ear phones and told him I was busy studying.  I also told him I had a new boyfriend that I just loved listening to!  He knows what I’m like when I listen to researchers on diet, nutrition and food.
The information from this summit includes information about cholesterol and how cholesterol is not the enemy – latest research.  There is also a doctor speaking about the side affects of osteoporosis medication as well as the dangers of giving calcium supplements, I knew they were not great but she explains fully what they are doing in your body from the minute they hit the stomach.  A neurosurgeon reveals how leptin resistance effects our circadian rhythms and how when you eat modern food the immune system around the gastrointestinal tract is put on alert affecting the brain, leptin resistance and obesity.  I’ve listened to this neurosurgeon many times his information is valuable.  By the way he was a fat, sick doctor until 2006 when things changed for him – amazing story.

The Summit also includes information on debunking the paleo diet as well 5 cues on what the perfect diet is for the human race, it includes, breast milk, mammalian diets, composition of the body, history of eating and natural food cravings.   What I found interesting was the nutritionist who prescribed the paleo diet for elite athletes and the results she was getting without carb loading.

In total there are 23 interviews on audio, 23 videos, 300 pages of transcripts, 4 e-books to read at your leisure a video from Dr Cate called Heart Attack Proof without Pills.  I haven’t read and listened to everything yet, but what I have listened to is valuable information to educate you on your path to wellness as well as giving you the answers to questions that people maybe asking you about what you are doing with your diet, or why are you eating butter, or why did you go off your cholesterol lowering tablets or shouldn’t you be taking calcium or should I eat more iron?  So if you want some more education from qualified practitioners in the field of diet then I recommend this summit.

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