Scent of a woman gets men going

Written by Changing Habits

March 8, 2010

Loved this article.  In case you can’t go cold turkey on the perfume try pure essential oils, my favourite –


Cyndi O’Meara


Ladies, if you’re looking to grab a man by his nose and get a reaction from another part of his body, forget the usual pricey and toxic chemical perfumes.


Your own natural body odor will do just fine if you use it right.


I know what you’re thinking… B.O. = P.U.!


But a new study finds that all it takes is a whiff of an ovulating woman to get a man literally drooling with extra testosterone. You can’t put that in a bottle — but there’s already talk of trying.


Researchers found two women who were ovulating, two who were not and gave each a plain white T-shirt. Then, they told the gals to sleep in those shirts each night for three straight nights.


Hey, I know people who’ve gone much longer without changing their shirt — so why not?


The shirts were then labeled and frozen while they gathered some men to come and take a whiff of the ladies’ laundry. Shouldn’t have been too hard to find volunteers — I read about these sniffers being arrested all the time.

As the men sniffed, researchers collected saliva samples for testosterone tests. And it turns out there’s nothing like the smell of the egg factory kicking into overdrive to get a man going: Men who sniffed the shirts of the ovulating women had 37 percent more testosterone than those who sniffed the shirts of the non-ovulating women.


In a second experiment, they had some men sniff the shirts of the ovulating women, while others sniffed plain shirts that had never been worn. Men sniffing the shirts of the ovulating women had, on average, 15 percent more testosterone than those who sniffed the new shirts, according to a recent paper in Psychological Science.

Of course, these are shirts frozen in plastic bags like peas and carrots — I expect the scent of a real, live highly fertile woman would give most red-blooded men an even bigger testosterone boost.


Ladies, remember: If men were attracted to perfume, we’d be three-deep at the cosmetics counters just hoping for a whiff, instead of standing impatiently off to the side holding your bags.


What’s more, those perfumes are packed with completely unregulated chemical scents. They also contain phthalates — a powerful chemical linked to sexual dysfunction in men. If you’ve been forcing him to inhale that junk, no wonder he’s not in the mood anymore.


So next time, skip the toilet water and bask in your own odor instead. You might be surprised at the results.


Sniffing out the truth,

Source: William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.


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