School Food Mistakes.

Written by Changing Habits

March 10, 2010

The government influences what food’s are put in school tuckshops with little thought about the effects that these choices have on our children. Natural, home made foods are no where to be seen, only additives, preservatives and flavourings!

I was speaking at a school in Aberdeen last week, I spoke to years 10, 11 and 12.  Before I started speaking I went into the tuck shop to see the quality of the food they sold.  What I found in there, horrified me.  Diet coke was a big seller, sausage rolls with low fat and low salt, but with 100’s of additives and chemicals including two food colours that cause hyperactivity, as well as packet chips with food flavours that had 48 chemicals. 


One of the teachers told me that they were being guided by a government body as to what they should have in their tuck shop.  At this point I felt like giving up, what hope do I have when a whole government cannot even see what is causing the ill health we have in Australia. 


They talk about the ballooning health budget, well I’ve got news for them as long as they continue to support the premise of low fat, low salt and low sugar we are doomed to spend billions more dollars on health (sickness) care.


When we stop thinking for ourselves we become prey to what ever is going.  The founders of UK’s leading scientific body the Royal Society knew this 350 years ago with their motto, Nullius in verba – take no-one’s word for it.  Smart advice!

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