Top Tips For Fat Loss Protocol Newbies


Written by Mel Kent

October 16, 2018

Wow, what an amazing response we have had to our latest Fat Loss Challenge! It’s been wonderful to see so many new faces in our private Facebook groups, and to see all the incredible support and advice offered by our experienced group members!

Given our recent influx of Fat Loss Protocol (FLP) newbies we thought it might be helpful to share some of our top tips to get you started on your road to success.

Tip #1: Join our private Facebook groups. One of the biggest contributors to your success with our program will be support. In our groups here and here you will find support not only from our two coaches (Leanne and myself), but also from a large group of experienced individuals who are only too happy to share their experience and offer advice to those in need. Of course if you are not on Facebook, you can also reach out for support via email. 

Tip #2: Set aside some time to sit down and read your book before you start. I know we live in a busy world, and most of us don’t even have time to scratch ourselves let alone sit down and read a book, however you have spent good money on this program and there is literally a WEALTH of information that will be critical to your success bound in those pages. One thing that I did was get out a highlighter pen and highlight all the points I thought that I would likely refer back to often, or information that I thought was important for my understanding of the program and ongoing success.

I also photocopied my allowed foods list – I made two copies, one to stick on my fridge, and one to put in my handbag so that I was never ‘caught out’ wondering what I could and couldn’t eat.

Tip #3: Find an accountability buddy within the group. You can post what day of the program you are up to and ask if anyone would like to be your accountability buddy. Having somebody that is on the exact same day as you and likely experiencing the same things you are is very comforting and can really help you stick through any tough days that you may face.

Tip #4: Check out all the fabulous information and resources under the ‘Files’ section of our Changing Habits Protocols Facebook page. Here you will find lots of additional information that won’t be found in your book! From tips for shift workers, to recipes and information on blood types, leptin and menstruation, you will find all you need to know here!

Tip #5: Become familiar with the ‘search’ feature on our group pages. If you have something you have been wondering about, but don’t necessarily want to post about it, simply type your keywords in the search bar on the group page and it will bring up all the posts related to your keywords. You will often find just the answer and comradery you were looking for!

Tip #6: Do some meal prep before you start. Sometimes we can feel quite tired, especially in the first week or two when our detox and withdrawal symptoms are really at their peak. It always pays to have some ready-to-go meals in the freezer to pull out on those days that it all seems a bit much. It is also handy to have 100 gram bags of protein portioned out and frozen ready to pull out and cook. Check out the recipe sections on our App and online platform.

Tip #7: Do a pantry & fridge/freezer cleanout before you start. Get rid of toxic and processed foods that you will no longer be needing and that may tempt you in a ‘weak’ moment. What better way to prove to yourself that this is a healthy change you are making for life than to get rid of the food that has been causing you inflammation, ill health and weight issues? Say goodbye to it forever and feel proud knowing that you are now wholeheartedly committed to your new way of life!

Tip #8: Check your scale batteries! This one is a bit of a funny one, but we had multiple people starting out last week who had their scale batteries die on them only a day or two into the program, which is where we see the biggest losses!  Unfortunately, after getting new batteries you can also weigh differently as they often won’t work properly when the batteries are starting to get flat. So check those batteries or replace them before you start to save yourself the frustration!

Tip #9: Take photos! As confronting as it can be, take before, during and after photos! Prior to starting I took my ‘before’ photo… and then each and every week on a Monday I would take another photo. It was amazing to watch the way my body was changing week in, week out and was the BEST motivation to keep me going, given I had a lot of weight to lose. You may not like what you see in the beginning, but I can promise you that when you are sitting at your goal weight, you will be SO glad that you can look back on your incredible achievements. If you take them for nobody else, take them for yourself. You deserve to look back with pride on all that you have achieved.

Tip #10: Trust in the process! Let me save you some time, and a whole lot of potential stress – it takes many of us multiple rounds to figure out this one simple thing: If you follow the program as it is written, it will work. All you have to do is follow the guidelines exactly, and trust in the process. Yes, there will be days that you stall, and days that you gain, and there will be times where you will wonder if it’s worth it. But, believe me when I say if you follow the guidelines you cannot go wrong. Any stall will be short lived, any gain will be quickly reversed, and the days that you feel like you are getting nowhere and achieving nothing will be outshone by the days that your transformation is blindingly obvious. Try not to focus on what is happening on the scales each day, but rather look at the bigger picture. If your *total* daily average losses are sitting around 250 grams per day, you are doing an amazing job and are hitting our expected weight loss goals. If you have been following the protocol perfectly but your total daily average is sitting below 250 grams per day, please do get in touch with Leanne and myself at: so that we can do a complete food and weight loss diary review and see if we can get things moving along a little faster for you!

I hope that if you’re just getting ready to start out this blog has been helpful to you, and I look forward to getting to know you via our Facebook groups or email!

Yours in health & happiness!

Melissa Kent

Protocol Coach at The Fat Loss Protocol & Changing Habits

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