11 Daily Habits of a Real Food Nutritionist

Bone broth nutritionist daily habits

Written by Sheridan

May 29, 2018

When I was asked to write about this topic, I didn’t realise that I had so many inbuilt, natural habits, formed over the years. These are not habits that I have to do and that I need to remind myself of, they simply come naturally without question or thought.

While we are all individual and some of these suggestions may not be right for you, give them a go if they shine true to you – and let me know how you progress forward with your new habit! 

The Habits That Are Essential To My Health and Happiness:

  1. Eating fermented foods – I have these with most meals, or regularly as a snack in the form of homemade coconut yogurt, pickles, cultured beetroot, kimchi and so on. Fermented foods are traditionally consumed in many cultures around the globe today, however it’s a tradition that has been lost or forgotten over time in some cultures in the Western world. Fermenting foods enhances the nutrients of the food that has been fermented, makes the food a lot more easily digestible and provides you with immune-boosting probiotics that help to enhance your mood. I use the Kultured Wellness cultures for my ferments, as they are histamine lowering and not histamine forming. This is important to consider if you are working on gut health.
  2. Consuming apple cider vinegar – This kick-starts your digestive system, breaks down potentially pathogenic biofilm build up in your gut, increases the acidity of your gut to assist with digestion and much more. I have this most mornings in a glass of water.
  3. Doing something for me – Whether it be a walk, a run, some yoga, a surf, a mountain climb or the like, I make time daily to do something I enjoy. If I feel overwhelmed with work, I will leave my phone at home, and alone or with my partner I will escape for at least half an hour to be present with the world and myself. We all need to get in the habit of doing this as regularly as we can to ensure we stay connected.
  4. Making extra of EVERYTHING I create – This is probably my most important habit of all. It makes my week a lot easier, and I never have an excuse to reach for things I know my body doesn’t agree with. When I create dinners, treats, juices, condiments and so on, I create a whole lot extra to store in the fridge. This gives me more time to be outside, do work, clean the house or play! You will consistently be nourished at all times if you adopt this habit!
  5. Using adaptogenic herbs – My favourite is ashawghanda (or withania), and this helps support my adrenal glands and endocrine system when going through some busier or more stressful times.
  6. Drinking bulletproof coffee – I absolutely love my bulletproof coffee. It is a blend of organic, mycotoxin (mould) free coffee, ghee and coconut oil, blended together to form a creamy, dreamy beverage. Black coffee does not agree with me, though a bulletproof coffee keeps my hormones balanced and offers consistent energy.
  7. Drinking green juice – My regular juice is celery, cucumber, ginger, lime and parsley. I sip on this through the morning before or after my coffee.
  8. Enjoying bone broth – I add this to my meals in various ways, and if I haven’t had the time to make some, I’ll sometimes sprinkle dehydrated bone broth over my meals, or add it to soups and curries. It is exceptionally immunity enhancing and nourishing to your gut lining, skin, hair and nails.
  9. Taking time to enjoy my food – this is absolutely essential to me, otherwise I find I do not digest my food as efficiently. I stop, take deep breaths, and then enjoy my meal quietly, focusing on chewing and staying calm. This is important to me as when I have a day of clients, I can be rushing around, or have a lot of energy around me from various people, so I need to calm myself down before enjoying my meal.
  10. Getting outside – This is critical to all of us. It tops up your vitamin D, diversifies your microbiome through the exposure to the outside microbes found everywhere and reduces inflammation and cortisol levels via the benefits of grounding. It also removes you from the distractions we may find indoors, like the TV, laptop, cleaning, cooking and so on. Without regular exposure to the sun you may find yourself down, unhappy, highly inflamed and fatigued. Here are more reasons why it’s good to get outside!
  11. Using food as medicine – If I am feeling like I need a boost in some way, I look into my ‘food as medicine’ pantry, and pick out what I feel I need. This may be camu camu, colloidal minerals, chlorella, Echinacea, turmeric, or alike. They help give my body a little more support.

And, while this isn’t strictly a daily habit, I thought it well worth a mention here – magnesium salt baths! A couple of times a week I enjoy a long soak in some magnesium salts. This is a time to look after me, and soak up all the beautiful magnesium and sulphate for detoxification and relaxation.

I hope this gives you a little inspiration as to what you may like to implement into your or your family’s day!

What habits might you implement from this list?

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  1. Natalie

    Looks amazing! What are adaptogenic herbs?

  2. Joy Griffiths

    Great reminder to put me back on track. My biggest enemy is lack of organisation!!

  3. Gail

    How much ACV do you you have(recommend) Each morning.



    • Jordan Pie

      Hi Gail, you can start with a few tsp’s in water and work your way up to 1 Tbsp. Always listen to your body though 🙂


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