22 Habits of Happy People

Written by Cyndi

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November 25, 2014

I was reading through an article called ’22 Habits of Unhappy People’ recently and decided that I’d rather know the 22 Habits of Happy People, so I turned each of the habits around.

As a result, Carren Smith and Kim Morrison, my Up For A Chat co hosts decided to do a Podcast on these 22 Habits.  We thought we could talk about them in an hour….it ended up taking us three episodes to finish the 22 Habits!

We decided that it would be a good idea to focus on one of the habits each day and see what a difference it makes to your life.

For those who want it in dot point and can’t wait for the podcasts, here are The 22 Habits of Happy People:

1.    Rarely if ever complain
2.    Create experiences such as self care rituals rather than go for retail therapy
3.    Instead of drinking at 5pm, they make a note to laugh at 5pm
4.    They stay in the moment and present instead of focusing on the past and future
5.    Happy people don’t wait to be happy by waiting for the next major event in their life but rather, are happy in the moment
6.    Hobbies are an essential part of their life
7.    Food is important as they know that their health, attitude, thoughts and body require real food – fresh and homemade, no packaged or processed foods for the happy
8.    Happy people always look for the good in people
9.    They forgive and do not hold grudges
10.  Education and learning new things is an important habit for happy people
11.  When they begin something, they don’t quit
12.  They absolutely love what they do – love their job and can always find the good in what they do or have to do to make a living
13.  Happy people have positive relationships and enjoy good company that nurture them and enjoy the same ideals
14.  They keep their minds positive and change any negative thinking
15.  Knowing the facts and not jumping to conclusions is a habit of the happy
16.  Keep things in perspective and not magnifying a problem creates a more happy disposition
17.  They take responsibility for their problems, big and small
18.  They speak respectively to themselves, no self loathing
19.  Making goals – having daily, weekly, yearly and long term goals are a must
20.  They realise that it is none of their business what other people think of them as they have full confidence in who they are as an individual
21.  Happy people do not allow strangers to affect their mood – they are in control of their attitude and feelings
22.  Being grateful always creates a happy disposition

Throughout the Up For A Chat podcast, we discuss how to achieve each of these habits and give tasks and ideas in order to incorporate them into your life.

Listen in here to ‘Habits of Happy People Part 1‘ – the first of the three part Podcast series

Listen in here to ‘Habits of Happy People Part 2‘ – the second of the three part Podcst series

In case you want to read the 22 Habits of Unhappy people, here is the link: http://www.infobarrel.com/22_Habits_of_Unhappy_People

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